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Backpacking Ski Trip

Post By: Jake

Last March, Veronica and I (suffering from cabin fever) got the itch to do some backpacking, however there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground. We broke out the cross country skis, backpacks, and yes…sleds.  Since we were bringing sleds we could pack a tad bit heavier than normal, and yet keep the packs on our backs fairly light by putting all the heavier gear in the sleds to be dragged. The system worked out VERY well at first, that is until later in the day when the snow started getting very soft, wet and sticky.


The skiing progressively became harder and harder throughout the day and I simply attributed the drudgery to the progressively steepening terrain and simply getting worn out by the end of the day. That is, until I noticed about 6 inches of snow stuck to the bottoms of our skis, covering the whole length of ski, It must have added a good 15 pounds per ski, not to mention it was being dragged and plowed through the fresh snow in front of us. I gave the sides of my skis a good whack to knock off the snow, and proceeded onward.  A few steps later I picked up my ski, and again saw a massive ball of snow stuck to the bottoms. It made forward progress VERY difficult, but not impossible, so we trudged onward for another 1/2 mile or so, until we finally decided to switch out to snow shoes. After switching out, I was kicking myself for not doing that miles ago as the forward progress was incredibly easy again. At that point we were too worn out to make any more significant progress so we stopped and carved in a camp for the night… Right in the middle of the road/trail.

The night was cold, but not TOO cold. lows were down in the teens, cold enough to freeze up any water bottles not in our sleeping bags. In the morning, we woke to 10″ of fresh cold powder. It was simply beautiful.

After breakfast we broke down camp and set off back to the car, this time, all downhill. Going in took about 6 hours to do 3 miles, going out took about 45 minutes to cover the same distance. In the end, we were completely wore out, but entirely thankful we live in such an awesome place, and are able to go for a quick overnight backpacking ski trip only 20 minutes from home.


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