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Glacier Backpacking

Post By: Jake

Veronica and I have really been trying to make it a point this year to balance our free time between getting outdoors as much as possible and working on our little fixer upper home. In mid July we were able to get up to Glacier National Park (a quick 3 hour drive from where we live) to do our first real backpacking trip together. It was to be a 4 day trip starting at Essex, Montana and ending at Two Medicine in Glacier Park, about 31+ miles down the trail.

We spent our first 2 days hiking a little over 20 miles up the Park Creek drainage, another day hiking over the continental divide–Two Medicine pass, and another day hiking the final soggy miles out to the car at Two Medicine Lake. Typically while hiking it was 90+ degrees, sunny and VERY humid, and generally after we got camp setup a thunderstorm would roll in and soak everything thoroughly. The trail was completely overgrown with ferns and thimbleberry plants for miles making it very difficult to stay on the trail much less make any forward progress. The overgrown plants held all the rain water from the previous nights storm—that is until we hiked by. Needless to say, we were completely soaked for days despite all the Gore-Tex boots, pants and jackets. It’s amazing how well water can find its way into every corner of your body.

Despite the inclimate weather while hiking and at camp, we had an amazing time! It was my wife’s first real backpacking trip, and she was loving every minute of it! We saw some amazing scenery, ate some unbelievably good huckleberries, and most of all enjoyed eachothers company, life and nature. Despite the long grueling miles, our internal batteries were only recharged by the trail. The first 3 of 4 days we didn’t see ANYONE else on the trail. It felt like we were alone in the wild. If ever anyone has the opportunity to make a trip to Glacier Park, We’d both highly recommend this seldom visited southern area of the park.


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