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We’re Moving to Colorado!

That’s right,  Veronica and I are starting a new chapter in our lives.  We’re packing up and heading south.  ”Moving south” usually means going to warmer weather,  not the case here.  We’re moving to the top of the world,  Leadville, Colorado at 10,200 feet!  

We’re a little anxious as anyone could imagine, leaving all our friends and family behind and moving to a very small town in the mountains; but we’re also very excited about all the new adventures ahead of us.  New places to explore, new friends to meet, and new memories to make. 

Over the next month and 1/2 we’ll be transitioning south, so new content on the blog may be a little light for a while, but stick with us as this transition will surely breed MANY new and exciting adventures!  If you know someone in Leadville, or have any good stories or memories about a visit,  let us know!

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Gear Garage Sale!

As we are packing up to move to Leadville, It’s a good chance to purge some extra gear from the closet.  If you’re interested in any of this stuff, let me know ASAP so I can hold it for you.  I thought I’d offer it to our readers first before posting on Craigslist. Click on photos for bigger view.  e-mail us at OurEverydayAdventures@gmail.com

Arc’Teryx Briza 75 backpack.  This pack is built to endure an atomic bomb.  It’s super burly, and probably the best built pack on the market.  It’s a couple years old, but still in great shape.  $300 retail.  I’d like $150 for it, and $20 for shipping.  If you need a new pack, let me know and I can send you more specs.

Motobecane road bike.  This classic road bike is probably 30-years old, but it’s in excellent shape and SUPER light for it’s age.  yeah it’s not carbon fiber, but it’s scary fast.  I’m not sure on the model, year, or size, but my friend bought it brand new back in the late 70′s and he’s 6′ 2″ if that helps.  This is a perfect bike for someone wanting to try a triathlon.  It was over $3,000 brand new, but I’d like $150 for it, plus $50 for shipping.

Moss Mountaineering Tent. (Moss doesn’t exist anymore as the company was bought by MSR/Cascade Designs)  I can get more info on this if you’d like, but here’s what I know off the top of my head.  It’s about 7 or 8 years old, but I’ve used it twice,  once on Mt. Rainier with 3 grown men (it’s technically labeled a 2 person tent, but cozily fit 3 of us), and once on St. Helens at the trailhead.  It’s in almost brand new condition.  $350 brand new, I’d like $100 and that will include shipping.

Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Pad:  I have a sleeping pad that includes aluminum poles to convert into a lounge chair I think it was called the “backcountry” pad, but I can get specs if you’re interested. $25 includes shipping.

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Summer 2011 Outdoor Retailer Show

Post by:  Jake

Well Veronica and I are back from a great week down in Salt Lake City where we attended the Summer Outdoor Retailer sporting goods show.  It’s a bi-annual event that brings over 1,300 exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees.  Product designers, retail store buyers (everyone from the giants like REI to your local specialty shop), and working media all converge at Utah’s biggest indoor venue, the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake City.  Exhibitors of all sizes are excited to showcase their next year’s products in prototype form, and dozens of brand new companies are hoping to catch the eye of a prospective client.  The venue is massive; however this year’s show was still too large for just the convention center.  Outdoor pavilions were setup this year which allowed a couple hundred additional exhibitors.  The event kicks off with an Outdoor Demo day where attendees can experience firsthand all the latest and greatest land and water toys.  As always, the stand up paddle boards were a huge hit!

Our heads are still spinning with all the gear talk that took place over the past few days, but in the coming weeks we’ll work on editing the videos we took and will be posting those as they are ready.  Check out our experience at last winter’s Outdoor Retailer show here.

Some of the highlights of this summer’s show were running into the Mayor of Salt Lake City as I locked up my bike one morning.  I rode to the show and searched and searched for a bike rack, seeing another attendee locking up his bike I asked if there were any racks around or if we were allowed to just lock up our bikes anywhere we pleased?  He stated he was the mayor and said it was unacceptable to not have bike racks down there and that he’d look into it soon.  That just goes to show you, it’s a small world and you may never know the power your comments might have.  Another highlight was running into legendary climber Chris Sharma (he’s got his own Wikipedia page!).  Very cool guy and looked just like he does in all the movies. go figure?  Oh yeah,  and all the new products were pretty cool too!  We’ll get into those later.  For now,  enjoy the quick video I put together as a brief walkthrough of what the Outdoor Retailer show is like in a nutshell… Lots of people, massive amounts of gear, and oh yeah, happy hour starts at 3:30 sharp every day.

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Gore-Tex Active Shell

Post by:  Jake

Here’s the first of the video interviews from the Summer Outdoor Retailer show.  I apologize for the lousy audio.  I was filming with a GoPro, in tests the audio turned out fine, but there’s a bit more noise at the OR show.  I added some comments to help explain the key features Andre is talking about.  Basically, the new Gore-Tex Active Shell is SUPER light and SUPER breathable and is made for high energy single day pursuits.  Enjoy, and let me know if you’ve got any questions.

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Lonely Planet Books on Sale

Just a heads up:  Lonely Planet books are on sale for the next 7 days on PlanetGear.com.  You’re probably familiar with Lonely Planet guide books as they make some of the best international guide books available; however they’ve got a huge collection of other travel books as well.  Check out the sale, I’m sure you’ll find something to enhance your next trip.

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Paragliding Adventure in Salt Lake- Our First GoPro Video

Post by:  Jake

Veronica and I just got back from the Summer Outdoor Retailer sporting goods show in Salt Lake City.  We’ve interviewed dozens of companies about their newest innovations and products and will be uploading photos and videos and a thorough show review over the next several weeks (lots of video editing to do).  We were pretty impressed at the new product innovations we saw and can’t wait to share them with you.

On our first day in Salt Lake, Veronica and I drove out to Point of the Mountain, just south of Salt Lake, for a paragliding adventure.  We purchased some 1/2 price vouchers off PlanetGear.com to go paragliding with Cloud 9 Toys but we both agreed after the adventure, it would easily be worth full price.

Before arriving we checked out some “not so great” youtube videos, and still didn’t have a great idea what to expect.  We showed up at 7:15 a.m. with eager smiles on our face.  We were greeted by several excited Cloud 9 guides, and quickly filled out lots of we-will-not-sue paperwork.  (That always inspires a lot of confidence right?)  Paperwork signed, we walked out to the edge of the launch area, a flat topped plateau with a steep grassy slope dipping to the south.   Several other paragliders were spread out along the edge of the slope.  Some were launching, some were setting up, some were simply waiting for wind conditions to pick up to extend their loft time.  Watching the pilots walk off the plateaus edge and start gliding effortlessly quickly calmed any nerves we had.  It appeared simple, graceful, and almost elegant.

Our turn came and our tandem pilots quickly, yet thoroughly, explained all the gear and the whole process from take off to landing.  It sounded simple enough,  ”just walk off the edge, sit back, and relax.”  Sure enough,  it was that simple,  yet a completely exhilarating experience.   The wind conditions weren’t perfect and we quickly lost elevation, landing in about 3-minutes following the easy take-off.  Our guides said it was too quick and wanted to take us up again,  we didn’t argue.  By the time we got back up to the top (shuttle truck), conditions were near perfect.  Veronica’s pilot needed to take one more client out that day, so they only spent about 10-minutes in the air during the second flight  My pilot was done for the day and wanted to spend a full 1/2 hour up.   We ended up riding the thermals efficiently and landed in the exact same spot as we took off.

A perfect new experience, and outstanding adventure.  We HIGHLY recommend paragliding if you’ve never done it.  We can’t speak for all companies and locations, but in our experience, it wasn’t “scary” in the least bit.  We always felt completely safe, yet had a huge adrenaline high during the entire flight.   If you’re looking for something new, give it a shot!  Check out the video,  this is our first video upload so if you’re having issues with it, check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2l6gut6VkM

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July Contest Winners!

We just selected and notified the winners for the July contest using Random.org

Thanks so much to all those who participated!  It was a ton of fun reading your responses about your favorite camping sites.

We hope to have even more fun this month with the August Patagonia contest.  Can’t wait to see all your photos!   And here’s the Winners:

1st for the REI gift Card.   James who loved camping by Redfeather Lake near Ft. Collins, Colorado.

2nd for Ryders Sunglasses.  Bill L. who loved camping anywhere on the John Muir trail

3rd for Hydrapack HydroBot.  Tim A. who loved camping on the Hood River in Oregon.

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August Contest to Win a Patagonia GORE-TEX® Piolet Jacket

After 10 long years, Patagonia is once again partnering up with GORE-TEX® to create the finest outerwear products available.  This fall, Patagonia will debut it’s new lineup of 16 new GORE-TEX® products and we were able to score one of the new $299 Piolet jackets early to give away to one lucky person!  To be entered into the random drawing (the fairest way we know of to give stuff away) you’ll need to complete 2 tasks.

1.)  Subscribe (and confirm your address) to our blog by entering your e-mail address in the green box at the top left corner of the page.  You’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail from “Feedburner” with a link to confirm your address.  If you’re already a subscriber, great you’re already 1/2 way there!

2.) Send us an e-mail here with a photo from your favorite adventure!  Throughout the month we’ll drop the photos in a slide show at the bottom of this post.

And Here’s the fine print…  A winner will be chosen using Random.org as soon as we can after the contest deadline of 11:59 p.m. mountain time on August 31st.  The Winner will get to chose either a brand new men’s or women’s Patagonia Piolet Jacket.  We’ll put you in touch with Patagonia to pick out size and color, and they’ll send you the jacket!  If you have any questions or are having troubles either subscribing or sending a photo, let us know here at: OurEverydayAdventures@gmail.com


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