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My first flat–should I be this excited?!

Post by:  Veronica

Mile 32 of 45.  My back tire starts whistling like a firework.  ”That can’t be good,” I think to myself as I come to a stop.  Sure enough, I officially had my first flat. I’ve changed a car tire before and I’ve watched people change a bike tire before–but never had I done it myself.  Although no one really wants to get a flat tire…I must admit that secretly I was stoked!  First of all, the weather was nice and I was out with a group of friends so there was no reason to panic or feel rushed.  And truth be told, I felt like it was the official initiation into the sport of cycling.  Finally I was in the club!
And sure, it wasn’t the smoothest, quickest change a bike tire has ever seen (it was a bit awkward and it took us a while to figure out the new pump!) but I managed to do it 98% on my own… with the moral support of those around.   Am I proud?…just a little! :-)

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