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July Contest

In honor of all the nice weather we’re finally getting in Montana, this month’s give-away contest will be for some great gear to keep you cool.  It’s super easy to enter and everyone’s welcome.  To enter, we’re asking you to do 2 things. 1.)  Subscribe to our blog (and confirm) by entering your e-mail address in the little green box at the top left corner of this page.  You’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail (from Feedburner) as soon as you subscribe.  If you’re already a subscriber, great, your 1/2 way there.  2.)  Post a comment at the bottom of this notice telling us where your favorite camping spot is?  That’s it.  Super easy.  Winners will be chosen using Random.org.

And the prizes are:

#1.  A $50 REI gift card.

#2. A pair of Ryders Sunglasses of your choice (we’ll try to accommodate between a few of your choices).

#3. Hydrapak Gel-Bot

This contest ends 11:59 p.m. Mountain time July 31st and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.   And as always, we reserve the right to give more stuff away at random so keep your eyes peeled.

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184 Replies

  1. Donny Carney Jul 6th 2011

    I like to go camping about anywhere, my favorite spots are virgin falls in Tennessee and for domesticated camping it’d have to be allatoona landing here in Georgia

  2. Favorite camping spot is on the AT in the PATC anywhere because they take care of their trails, and campsites. The shelters are unreal. But I would probably go with Quarry gap shelter. Good times!

  3. Thomas Schneider Jul 6th 2011

    My favorite place to camp on this planet is the far side of Polychrome Pass, in Denali National Park, Alaska. On a lucky day you can see Denali, and the sheer size and the bounty of colors (where the pass gets its name) are breath-taking.

  4. Very Cool Chris. I hiked around NH on the AT a bit and was really impressed at the trails and shelter system.

  5. Wow, Sounds pretty nice Thomas! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Angus Jul 6th 2011

    Favorite place(s) to camp would be the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles CA. It’s a few miles away from the city but when in the Angeles National Forest area, it sure feels like your further away from the noise.

    The San Gabriel Mountains (ANF) offers many trails along the river system – this allows you to pack less water since it is a resource readily available and also means a lighter pack. Aside from the cool river system, it offers cool shade during the summer months which adds to more miles on your feet. And most of all, lots of trees to hang a hammock and just relax.

  7. Gotta go with the most remote part of the entire AT near Mt. Guyot in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Tri Corner Knob shelter. Beautiful old growth forest all around you, something that is very hard to find nowadays.

  8. My favorite spots are in and around McCall, ID and all throughout the Uinta Mountain Range in Utah. The other place I like to camp is Calve’s Creek in Southern Utah.

    Hope I win some Ryders!!!

  9. Harry Jul 6th 2011

    My Favorite camping spot for car camping is Lake Wenatchee State Park. It’s tent friendly and near lots of great hiking trails that lead into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

  10. Hunter Jul 6th 2011

    My favorite place to camp is at Pedernales Falls State Park. This park is great due to the large falls that are great to hike up and down, and commonly finding arrow-heads.

  11. One of my most favorite places is in Hood River, Oregon. Great trails, great city, great state. Close to get into Portland if you wanted. Far enough to be out and play in the river and the in mountains.

  12. My favorite spot thus far (so many yet to see) was Devil’s Den in Arkansas. Great trails and mountain biking. Almost burned my eyebrows off there too… (Wet weather +Lighter fluid+human billows= BIG FLARE UP) HA!

  13. Harvey Jul 6th 2011

    Has to be Zion National Park. That place is awesome.

  14. Tyrone Jul 6th 2011

    Unfortunately, I have yet to actually go camping in enough places to be able to compare them. However, I feel as though I would love the White Mountains – I spent some time in a cabin up there with a few friends and it was awesome! I love how the wilderness is all around me up there compared to the few trails around here in Boston.

  15. Harvey–Zion is one of our favorites too!

  16. keith Jul 6th 2011

    Our favorite place to go is lost maples in texas

  17. New to camping so favorite spot of the year has been Capitol Reef in Utah. You can see the video at http://bkimages.blogspot.com/p/family.html

    Headed to Yosemite next week! Can’t wait!

  18. I just started camping, and I have to say that the best camping place I’ve been to so far would have to be the Marengo State Hiking Preserve. Good camping spots..great hiking.

  19. DebKBOS Jul 7th 2011

    I love to go camping at Salisbury Beach State Park in MA. It is right on the ocean and relatively close to home. When we take our bicycles we are close enough to New Hampshire to bike over the border and along the boardwalk.

  20. Angie Jul 7th 2011

    My favorite camping spot so far is in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Great trails, abundant wildlife, and nice campgrounds! We saw a bear on our first day last year! Incredible!

  21. Dustin Jul 7th 2011

    I’m gonna have to go with Weminuche Wilderness in San Juan Nat’l (SW Colorado)! Great hikes, great weather, perfect in the summer, but a little chilly at night. :)

  22. My favorite spots are Pigeon Mountain in Lafayette, GA. Great caves to explore anytime of the year, and Thunder Rock campground next to the Ocoee River in Tennessee. Easy access to great mountain biking trails as well as kayaking, rafting, canoeing and fishing.

  23. Bart,
    Pigeon Mountain sounds great. I LOVE exploring caves!

  24. I loved Sandy Beach Hawaii :) no longer possible so we go to White Mountains in NH

  25. Scott Jul 7th 2011

    Backyard camping with my 2.5 yrs. girls is my favorite spot to camp

  26. Chris G. Jul 7th 2011

    Bahia Honda State Park – Mile marker 36 in the Florida Keys. I forget the campsite numbers, but there are a couple of sites mere steps from the water with completely unobstructed views. Bring fins and a snorkel. These same sites, however are NOT recommended during gale force winds, tropical storms or hurricanes.

  27. Scott,
    Awesome! I love it.

    Chris G.,
    Wow, I’m booking my flight now!!!

  28. Favorite spot was as a kid we camped at Caddo Lake in Texas — great memories!

  29. Hwang Jul 7th 2011

    Mt.Shuksan in North cascade park.
    Looks like Movie Abata background!!

  30. John R Jul 7th 2011

    Divide Lake just north of Diamond Peak, in the central Cascade range in Oregon. It is one of the featured hikes in 100 Classic Hikes in Oregon by Douglas Moran. Kinda out of the way by really gorgeous.

  31. Brandon Maslow Jul 8th 2011

    Anywhere in the BWCA! I’m also partial to western Montana and Colorado.

  32. Jason V Jul 8th 2011

    I would have to say the Wind River Range in Wyoming, just fantastic out there. Can’t wait to go back.

  33. Juston Jul 8th 2011

    Lake ouachita, arkansas. Goregeous

  34. I enjoy camping at fall creek falls. They have lots of activities and very family oriented. The caving is awesome too.

    When the wife and little girl do not want to go, the boys and i load up the quads and head to coal creek. It is a great place to ride atv’s, mountain bike (pretty technical) and enjoy the great outdoors with plenty of gorgeous scenery.

  35. Mitch Armentrout Jul 8th 2011

    On the Pine River in the Huron National Forest near Glennie, Mi

  36. Favorite camping spot: Abasroka/Beartooth Wilderness area in southern Montana. Pristine mountains lakes filled with large, tasty trout!

  37. Mike,
    Agreed! the Abasroka/Bearthooth wilderness is incredible. That was my first backpacking trip, and the place that sparked my love of camping.

  38. My favorite place to camp is in the Highlands Area of Virginia along the Appalachain Trail. It is an area I grew up near and I think that is why it holds a place so dear to my heart.

  39. Danny Jul 8th 2011

    Zion National Park in the Fall. Not too crowded and the colors are spectacular.

  40. Doni Nicoll Jul 8th 2011

    Oh’ my gosh…where to choose….my favorite place (recently) is Monarch Lake, Grand County. You can pack in about 7 miles to Coyote Park, base camp for a few days and enjoy day trips all over Arapahoe pass. Most people only go up a few miles and then head back to Grand Lake. Most likely you won’t run into anyone. My dog loved it too! Cool weather, lots of water, flora, fauna, and fresh air. Great for recharging the body and soul!

  41. MacGregor Point Provincial Park in Ontario. We always enjoy the people we meet and the we love the privacy of the campsites. It’s worth crossing the border for since unfortunately the Michigan State Parks don’t hold a candle to Ontario Provincial Parks.

    In Michigan, I love Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park….the Platte River Campground specifically. It’s the closest thing to MacGregor Point that I’ve found in Michigan, as far as privacy of campsites go. (But MacG Pt is a closer drive for me!) And there’s nothing like kayaking (or tubing) down the crystal clear Platte River until it ends in Lake Michigan….breathtaking!

  42. flyingrobin Jul 8th 2011

    we just camped in San Juan and it was beautiful. My friend told me it looks like the scene in the movie Twilight. hehe

  43. Randy Jul 8th 2011

    My favorite place to camp is the Firey Gizzard…

  44. Karen Jul 8th 2011

    Moab. Definitely Moab.

  45. OK sounds silly, but MY first choice and most frequent spot throughout my life has always been the Backyard. I’ve been camping on the beach in Mexico and along the Appalachian trail, but Pitching a tent and roasting mallows just out the back door is always such a treat that I plan to pass along to my children!

  46. Dorota Jul 9th 2011

    Just started camping, so far roomie and I have enjoyed the Wyalusing State Park in WI, and Mammoth Cave in KY. Next week we’re driving to Colorado to the Golden Gate Canyon Park. Hoping for great mountain views and long nature trails……..and for a brew tour of 13 breweries around Denver :)

  47. We would love to go camping anywhere. We’ve mainly camped in our backyard, but it’s been awhile.

  48. Erica Jul 9th 2011

    I have camped all over this great globe. I would say I enjoy camping anywhere in Oregon. As well as the Porcupine mountains in Michigan. Thank you for all the other ideas for camping areas.

  49. stacie Jul 10th 2011

    Camping on the Big Island of Hawaii was my first long hike/hitchhike/camp/travel trip and it was absolutely awe inspiring and beautiful. The smell and scenery is intoxicating!

  50. Perhaps the most spectacular campsite is just a few miles north of Moab, UT called Goose Island. Besides the awe inspiring view along the Colorado River and the imposing adjacent red rock cliff, the site is literally across the street from Negro Bill Canyon and the terminus of the Porcupine Rim Trail. If this weren’t enough to make you enticed, the sites are within a mile of a fresh spring, a paved path, rock art, and downtown amenities. It is also where after many years, we decided to make it the location of our baby’s first camping experience.

  51. Anna O Jul 11th 2011

    My favorite camping spot is the top of the world around cooke city..breathtaking.

  52. Gotta love the Butterfield Trail in the Fall — or Mt Lemmon in the summer!

    AZ has some great hiking and camping too!

  53. Vidal G Jul 11th 2011

    Myy favorite camping site is Gooseberry falls in northern Minnesota.

  54. bernadine wellday Jul 11th 2011

    My favorite place to pitch a tent is Hayes State Park in Michigan. Beautiful area full of hills and lakes. The area is also kid & teen friendly. I have a toddler & teenager and we all have a great time in the Irish Hills.

  55. William K. Jul 12th 2011

    Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness! Coyote Buttes!

  56. Our favorite place to camp is at the beach. There are some great campgrounds in Panama City Beach, FL, Gulf Shores, AL & Myrtle Beach, SC that allow tent camping. It’s great to be able to afford to take your family to the beach and still be comfortable in a tent. We also like going to Pigeon Forge, TN and various state parks in the South that are quick and easy weekend getaways that are easy on the wallet and fun for the family.

  57. My favorite place is St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in the Florida panhandle where you can backpack through the dunes, on the beach, and in the interior of the peninsula. It’s awesome!!

  58. Alison Jul 13th 2011

    Detroit Lake in Detroit Oregon is just amazing…night stars are something we can’t even see where we live. Water is awesome, warm and great for kids too. Worth the 3 hour drive to get there!

  59. Our family’s favorite place to camp has to be Big Sur. Beautiful beaches, redwood groves and a great vibe!

  60. Whit Poindexter Jul 13th 2011

    Ocean Cove Campground is fabulous! Ocean is 100yards away and the cliffs are great for hiking. All types of activities are around from kayaking to climbing.

  61. john davila Jul 13th 2011

    My favorite place to camp is serenac lake ny great place neverending trails great waterfalls and clean water.

  62. I enjoy camping, period. I do not have a favorite spot. Mid Ohio during mushroom season is one place I like to go when home on leave from the Military. Lake Harding in Georgia is another palce I goto alot with family. Any beaches along the east coast that allow camping and trucks are a family favorite I think. Fishing and camping on the Ocean. Life doesn’t get any better then that!

  63. Craigery Jul 13th 2011

    French Camp in Central California by Bishop and just south of Mammoth. Great fishing, hiking, and camping.

  64. Karen b Jul 13th 2011

    We love going east and camping in west virginia. This year we are trying shanondoah national park!

  65. Karen,
    I’ve heard great things about Shanondoah, but never been there myself. Have fun and let us know what its like!

  66. William,
    Paria Canyon is certainly on our list! can’t wait to get down there someday!

  67. Arianne Jul 13th 2011

    My 1st favorite place is in Yellowstone and my 2nd is at Sunset Bay in Coos Bay, Oregon. The sunrises and sunsets at Sunset Bay are amazing, along with the rock formations out in the water.

  68. Charlissa Jul 13th 2011

    My fav is Indian Creek near Tahoe!

  69. James B Jul 13th 2011

    My favorite is the Ozarks but my local favorite is LBJ Grasslands.

  70. June Lake Loop in the Majestic Eastern Sierras!

  71. Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area any time of year.

  72. Matt W Jul 13th 2011

    I agree that NH AT is one of the best in the country. But being from Fresno, CA my fav camping spot is Courtright Reservoir.

  73. Joshua Jamison Jul 13th 2011

    My favorite place to camp is emerald bay state park in lake Tahoe Ca. My Grandpa found the spot in the 60s. Campsite 54 has the best view of the lake and amazing trails all around to see waterfalls.

  74. We stay close to home, Texas or Oklahoma. The wife likes a state park cabin, but they’re not always available. Next outing will be with cots and a tent. And of naturally with our boxer Gretchen!

  75. Chris Baldwin Jul 13th 2011

    In my home of the Pac NW im going to go with the Hoh River valley in Olympic National Park. Ooooweeee

  76. Although we live in Colorado, we do most of our camping up in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. Beautiful Mtns without the crowds!

  77. Steve P Jul 13th 2011

    My favorite is the Kiamichi Wilderness in the Ouachita National Forest, South Eastern Oklahoma. It is breath taking.

  78. By far the one we like the most is Crater Lake, Or. but because of proximity we camp at the Pinnacles NM, in CA.

  79. Patricia M Jul 13th 2011

    the best camping place for my family is mammoth pools. It’ so beautiful there. There is no other place than that spot. you got to see to believe it. love it

  80. Eduardo Jul 13th 2011

    Just because I was there for 5 days a few days ago and can’t stop talking about it. Sequoia National Forest, north of Johnsdale where the temperature is 20 degrees cooler and there are no fire ants. Take the off-roads and experience the magnitude and beautiful mountains and valleys.

    With that said Machu Picchu check it out.

  81. Marcella L Jul 13th 2011

    We really enjoy camping at the rifle river. They have a great river you can float down and tons of fun……

  82. Chad Emery Jul 13th 2011

    Haven’t been there for quite a few years, but my favorite is Lake Mazinaw in Ontario. Beautiful, natural (unlike texas) lake. Also great fishing. Great camping at Bon Echo Provinicial Park as well.
    Lately I have just been camping with scouts in and around North Texas.

  83. I love to camp in the Santiam Mountain’s at a lake called Tule lake it’s a small man made lake that is about 30 miles from the highway. It has the best view’s and is serounded by wild blueberry and raspberry patches. Every once in awhile you get to see bears eating in the fileds or see elk and deer almost in the same spots eating. My whole famly has called this are there favrite spot. the kids love to swim and fish in the lake, we set crawdad traps and love to eat them fresh out of the water. We go there every year and spend about 2 weeks hunting and camping.

  84. Heather Jul 13th 2011

    Camping at the Sycan River (Oregon) when I was young. Went there every year with my Dad! Secluded and beautiful…the way to really camp!

  85. So many great spots to choose from! For me, it’s a tie between Glacier National Park in MT and the Poudre Canyon in CO.

  86. Christine Jul 13th 2011

    My favorite place to camp is Smith Rock in Terrebonne, Oregon. The views are incredible and the rock climbing is amazing! It is a perfect spot!

  87. I am actually going camping next weekend in Maine! I go on a five day canoeing/camping trip along the moose river. It is called the Moose River Bow Trip. This is my favorite trip because of the wildlife I get to see, moose, bears, birds. Last year I came about 10 feet from a moose and its family cooling off in the river. It is a great time!

  88. I like going up to the Redfeather Lakes outside of Fort Collins, CO along Highway 14. The camping is free, and the fishing is incredible.

  89. My favorite camping spot is 40 miles east of chiloquin, oregon. Awesome scenery, tons of wildlife and great fishing!

  90. Patrick McDoanld Jul 13th 2011

    My favorite campground is Beaver Dam State Park in Illinios. Nice littel hidden gem of a park.

  91. We just backpacked up to Bear creek, by Mono Hot Springs, CA. and were on the PCT for a little while. The water was flowing like crazy and the views were spectacular

  92. glen andersen Jul 13th 2011

    My favorite place to go camping is at Havasupai in the Grand Canyon!! The falls are so pretty and many times you feel like you are in your own paradise!!

  93. I love to camp in 3 spots. 1 is Lolo Pass off the trail near Mt. Hood. 2 is just outside Missoula Montana, back in the forest. 3. is pretty much anywhere in upper Michigan. All 3 are lovely and SO different!

  94. Deztic Jul 14th 2011

    I have to confess that I am new to camping and came here looking for suggestions. My first camping trip was last month in Malibu Creek SP. City girl that I am was a little afraid to stray too far from the city (or the car) but I loved sleeping under the stars and think this is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.

  95. Kristin Scott Jul 14th 2011

    I love to camp at Button Bay State Park in Ferrisburg Vermont! My son loves the pool…i love the paths for leisurely biking! It’s also the town i grew up in so we always have our family reunion camping trip here!

  96. James N Jul 14th 2011

    favorite place, quetico national park canada, online planning my route right now, I could go there ever summer for the rest of my life and never see it all. One of the only places I feel that you can always discover.

  97. bryan s. Jul 14th 2011

    my favorite place to camp is sibley state park in minnesota. just love the lake and the freindly enviroment.

  98. Justin Thakar Jul 14th 2011

    Ohio Pyle. Beautiful, shrouded mountains, gorgeous rivers and head-splitting rapids alongside tire-you-the-frig-out bike trails that used to be train tracks.

  99. under the stars anywhere in Grand Canyon

  100. Larisa Jul 14th 2011

    Our favorite spot to go family camping is Priest Lake in North Idaho

  101. NH by the Saco River is one of the best place to camp and fly fish for Trout.

  102. Bahia Honda, Fl keys. By far the best scenes and waters in this great country! The flora and fauna are amazing in this one compact enviroment.

  103. john garcia Jul 14th 2011

    i like camping up in the angeles forest area specifically monte cristo.

  104. Erik & Savannah Jul 14th 2011

    Coolest place to camp would have to be Red Rock Canyon State Park. It may be in the dessert but if you know where the hidden waterfalls are its like a paradise.

  105. Amber M Jul 14th 2011


  106. Just one….hummm…I have so many great memories of the Brecon Beacons where I first camped in South Wales, so it would have to be there.

  107. Debbie Jul 14th 2011

    There’s a spot outside of Lowman, ID in the Boise Ntl Forest, it’s on a creek and is completely isolated. Great hiking, nice little swimming hole, hot springs nearby and you don’t see another person…. Paradise!

  108. kenneth r bailey Jul 14th 2011

    I have camped for over 60 years and the best site that I have ever camped in is a little unknown campground called Gales CREEK IN oREGON. iT IS QUIET AND VERY PEACEFUL. tHANK YOU kEN bAILEY.

  109. Donnie Jul 15th 2011

    We liked in Robbers Cave in Wilburton, OK.

  110. My family loves to camp in Rhode Island and Cape Cod. These two locations offer great scenery and quick access to some beautiful beaches.

  111. DOUG JOHNSON Jul 15th 2011


  112. Definitely want to head back up to Isle Royal in the U.P. and I would love to go backpacking through Yosemite sometime soon. : )

  113. We live in Woodstock,Ga. and love to stay local and camp at Allatoona Lake or Lake oconee in Eatonton,Ga. We hope to someday go to Alaska to do some real outdoor adventures!!

  114. Sandrea Jul 15th 2011

    I usually camp and sight see at the same time. My favorite trip was camping near St. Augustine. It was much colder than we had expected and we slept in all the clothes we had brought.

  115. Dennis Cortes Jul 15th 2011

    My favorte spot would be Yosimite Nation Park.
    My family adults and children always have a great time.
    Great place to visit in California.

  116. Mary Richardson Jul 16th 2011

    Favorite camping spot is Hot Springs, NC

  117. Jennifer Wilcox Jul 16th 2011

    We camp every year at Hillcrest Campground in Chichester. We always get like 5 campsites and the whole family goes every year to enjoy some time together! I actually got married at camp lastyear so this year will be our one year wedding anniversary! It should be great :)

  118. Joshua Lappin Jul 17th 2011

    My family loves to go camping in the Lake Tahoe area. It is truly Gods country and every time we are up there, we feel peace.

  119. NICK MOSHER Jul 17th 2011


  120. I think I hated camping, especially after what my husband put me through, until we went to Grand Teton NP. Although many fight and wait in line to camp at Jenny Lake, we have always enjoyed going to Colter Bay campground. Only once have we seen it fill and even then the location is amazing. My fondest memory of the spot is when my husband and I picnicked along Jackson lake, a short walk from the campground, and watched the sun set up on the Tetons across the lake. As the sun was sliding done the landscape, we opened a bottle of wine and left when we had finished. Grand spot, grand memories and the Grand Tetons. Need I say more!

  121. Matt Martin Jul 18th 2011

    My all time favorite place to camp is at the base of Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks. There is a lean-to on a bend in the river there and to fall asleep after a long day of climbing while listening to the river is heaven.

  122. Recently went on a road trip South, West & then North from MA. Senacca Shadows-Monongahela WV was the first campsite location, it was great. Also excellant was Northern California, by the ocean at Redwoods Nat. For.

  123. Enjoyed camping on the AT at Blood Mountain about a month ago. Headed to the Wind River Range in Wyoming at the end of August so Im sure that will become my favorite backpacking trip.

  124. My favorite spot to camp is in Big Sur!!! great place to camp,surf,and hike trails….I recently found out that you could also horse back ride out there..Makes it more fun!! second best place is in yosemite…of course everyones goes there!!lol… I recently bought a Paddle Board which im ganna try out this comming month out there. After reading some of the post,,,i got some new places to try out soon!!! thanks to everyone who shared there fav spots!!!

  125. Jordan S. Jul 18th 2011

    KOA of East Asheville. It’s actually in Swannanoa, NC. The site is beautiful and very well kept. Very pet and family friendly. Camp sites along the lake can be purchased without spending an arm and a leg to upgrade. The weather is great, the people are nice, and the view is fabulous! http://koa.com/campgrounds/asheville-east/

  126. Rich B Jul 18th 2011

    Anywhere thre is a Search & Rescue call out. If I can possibly make a difference, I’m there.

  127. Melonie Jul 18th 2011

    I lean toward southern Utah. In the summer I stick to the mountains and enjoy hiking the Piaute trail. In the fall and early spring you can’t beat the canyons.

  128. John S. Jul 18th 2011

    Bankhead National in Alabama…waterfalls, hardwood forest, camping, hiking, short climbing…seriously unexpected.

  129. douglas a. Jul 18th 2011

    would definitely have to be kings canyon/ sequoia nat. park areas.

  130. Bernie Jul 18th 2011

    Camping anywhere on the Blue Ridge and getting there by motorcycle.

  131. Cy Cho Jul 18th 2011

    Pismo Beach and Morro Bay Beach,,,,,,,every year camping for my family and my friends.

  132. Neil in SLC Jul 18th 2011

    Way too many places. Camping with friends at Bluegrass festivals is always cool. Really like Death Valley & anything outside of Moab. Cheers!

  133. Bill Long Jul 18th 2011

    Any where on the John Muir Trail in the sierras. Just North of Rosalie and Duck Lake, there is a great stream that comes out of the lake and runs by the camp site. Great views, great fishing, very relaxing.

  134. My favorite place to camp is the Sam Houston National Forest, just north of Houston, Texas. We have had many fun family camping trips there as well as my son and I backpacking the Lone Star Trail.
    It is not as spectacular as other places in the country we have visited, but it is close to home and we enjoy our time there.

  135. Jackie Jul 18th 2011

    Garner State Park of course.

  136. Robert Jul 18th 2011

    Panguitch lake Koa
    Playground for kids clean showers and pool for those afternoons after returning from hiking
    All tent sites on grass

  137. Indira Jul 19th 2011

    I love to go camping to the guadalupe river or to huntsville here in Texas. Their great places …

  138. Mary Medina Jul 19th 2011

    I like camping at Yosemite National park and Monterey Ca

  139. I like to go camping at the Spanish Trail Scout Reserve, with the family. My son is in the Boy Scouts and this is where they camp and earn there badges. It’s in northwest Florida.

  140. Seward, Alaska…. anywhere in Alaska, it’s perfect there.

  141. I like Dolly Sods in West Virginia

  142. Franki Cummins Jul 19th 2011

    Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. Absolutely breathtaking to watch the sun set on the crevices and curves of this land.

  143. I .ike Pine Flatt, second bridge area.

  144. Joe Meyers Jul 19th 2011

    Hands down. Float trip down the James River between Wingina and Scottsville. Camp on Buford Island and Rock Island. Country living at its finest.

  145. Sandra Jul 20th 2011

    Love to camp in many places…Riga Shelter on the AT in CT, Torreya State Park in Florida, FDR St. Park in Georgia and almost anywhere in Maine. Favorite is wherever I’m going to camp next!

  146. Theresa Jul 20th 2011

    Wow my favorite places? I dont think I have one in particular. From spring to summer I camp anywhere I can get to with my now 5 yr old. My husband says he did enough tent camping in Grenada, Lebanon and other places, so he kisses me goodbye and says be careful and off I go……

    There is something different about eating, sleeping, cooking and being solely outdoors…….each place ive been to has left a mark for something different, from fishing to hiking to just listing to the sounds around you.

    Next year I am planning a cross country (or at least entire east coast) camping trip as my tent days are nearing an end…was diagnosed with arthritis in my hands and they just cant do it anymore……a cabin just isnt the same….

  147. Patrick Jul 20th 2011

    My favorite camping spots are in the maine coasts. Anywhere north of Portland about an hour or more is very scenic. Its not very remote unless you find the right spot, but all the way up the coast to bar harbor is awesome.

  148. I really like the hike into Cabot and Carl Lakes in Oregon’s Jefferson Wilderness. It is an summer easy hike, even with kids, with nice campsites along the perimeter of both lakes. There are huckleberries to enjoy in August but bring bug repellent… some years the mosquitos can be a problem (later in the year is better than earlier).

  149. Jared Elmore Jul 20th 2011

    I would go to the chatanooga or the surrounding area. There is a ton of stuff to do. Plus north Carolina, south Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama are within an hour away. There is camping, hiking, climbing, caving, rafting, swimming, hanggliding, as well as pretty much anything else you could want to do within an hour radius.

  150. My two favorite places to camp are in chattanooga,tn and state parks near Pensacola,FL. Both are beautiful areas!

  151. Dirigo Jul 21st 2011

    I like to camp or backpack anywhere on the AT

  152. We have camped at First Landing State Park, VA, Holliday Lake State Park, VA, and we are planning a trip soon to Kiptopeke State Park, VA! This is our first season in our (new to us) pop-up camper. We have a Facebook page dedicated to the love of our pop-up camper experience – ‘like’ us if you want to. It is called: “Pop-Up Camper Love”

  153. I like to camp on/after a gnarly section of the LT in VT. My 3, 5, and 7 year old kids have been backpacking for two years now… and that makes just about any remote place with a river to splash around in our favorite place to pitch camp.

  154. My son and I just came back from Mt. Mitchell just outside of Ashville N.C. It was great to hike and camp.

  155. Trevor Jul 21st 2011

    I love to go camping anywhere. Some of my favorite spots are in GA. Any place I can ride my MTB is where I want to be. My girlfriend and I love anything outdoors.

  156. Ginger Jul 21st 2011

    I love camping anywhere. But since I moved to LA I’ve been going in Big Bear, and also I’m fond of the San Jacinto mountains South of Palm Desert.

  157. Johnny Jul 21st 2011

    Tuolumne Meadows Yosemite, CA hands down. Right near the Tuolumne river. Nice days and chilly nights. I was there just this past weekend.

  158. Nicole Jul 21st 2011

    Graveyard fields on the Blue Ridge parkway!

  159. Anywhere in the central sierra’s . My favorite is probably Ward Lake in the Kaiser Wilderness !

  160. his adventureJami Jul 21st 2011

    Out on a point over looking a lush meadow, approx. 20 miles NNW of Edison Lake, Ca. A place that my grandfather took me as a child and my father as a young man. Its now my turn to continue this adventure with my children and then when they arrive, my granchildren. Camping is a gift that refreshes the soul.

  161. My favorite camping spot is Donut Falls up big cottonwood canyon in Utah.

  162. Brittney Jul 21st 2011

    My favorite place to camp is at Poinsettia State Park in South Carolina! I wish I could go more often!

  163. Andrew Jul 21st 2011

    Landslide in sequoia national park, Ca!! Awesome spot, Hume lake is down the road, and great trails …. What more can u ask for.

  164. David Marroquin Jul 21st 2011

    Yosemite! and Mammoth! My gf just started working a shift that gives her two 3 day weekends a month! More camping!

  165. Jonathan Jul 22nd 2011

    I rather enjoy camping in the woods of Florida. There are some great parks down here that are great to visit. I spent some time at a place in the everglades. Wasn’t camping but got to take some hiking trips. It was amazing. Saw some great animal life.

  166. BWCAW (Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness) in Northern Minnesota.

  167. Well…since I have only camped 3 times and all 3 times were at Kern River in Kern Valley, CA…I’d say Kern River. I cannot wait to buy a camper trailer one day and camp all over the world :) ALASKA here I come!

  168. Jonny Love Jul 24th 2011

    I love camping anywhere off of the Wilson River on hwy6 in Oregon. Beautiful lush green forests and good trout and steelhead fishing as well.

  169. Dreher Island or any island on Lake Murray in Columbia, SC

  170. For car camping Moraine Campground alongside the south fork of the Kings River, Cedar Grove, Kings Canyon NP. It’s as far into to the canyon as you can get without packing in and there are some great hikes. Dorothy Lake on the Northern edge of Yosemite off the PCT was awesome. Looking forward to exploring more of the PCT later this summer.

  171. West of Montana… somewhere near Missoula

  172. My favorite place to camp would be Heaton Flats nestles deep int he Los Angeles National Forest. I live in southern California, so the proximity makes it easy to make it down there for a nice weekend. The trail head starts you off along tranquil streams and dense forested ravine and winds you through the San Gabriel Mountains along some gorgeous ridgeline looking out over mountain desert. At the ‘end’ of the marked trail (8 miles) sits an old concrete bridge left behind during the California gold boom in the early 1900′s. The best of the hike lies beyond the bridge where the wilderness is less traversed. The best part is that due to frequent flash flooding, the trail and terrain differs month to month never leaving you with a dull experience. Much love campers. Stay safe.

  173. David A Thomas Jul 26th 2011

    My favorite camping spot is at Loft Mountain campground on the Skyline Drive Parkway in Virginia. The bull nose snake makes his home in that area and I love it we cross paths and he “plays (dead) possum till I leave!

  174. Carter Tobin Jul 26th 2011

    I worked as a Grand Canyon guide for 11 years. Its utterly amazing camping out down in the bottom with the walls of the canyon high above. I had so much fun being a guide I miss it but have fond memories ti cherish.

  175. Hamza Hayauddin Jul 26th 2011

    The Karakoram Range in Pakistan. It’s been my life’s ambition to climb K2 but even base camp and the surrounding peaks are simply breathtaking. If I’m lucky, I’ll see a snow leopard or tibetan antelope. It’s got to be one of the most beautiful and rigorous treks I’ve done.

  176. My favorite camping spot is anywhere I can pitch a pallet and set up a fire…I really like it when it is somewhere out in the whitetail woods!

  177. My favorite camping spot is Patricks Point in Nothern California.

  178. Anywhere in New Mexico pretty much, especially Blue water Lake and Jemez. Durango has some nice spots but damn if I can remember their names.

  179. Carrie Jul 28th 2011

    favorite camping spot…hmmm – can I say living room floor? That is until I go on my first backpacking trip later this month and discover a new summer addiction!

  180. I think my favorite camping spot is at the top of Arches National Park. The campground holds very few limited spots for those early birds. We have camped there once. You look straight out onto red rock country. The stars at night were amazing and so was listening to cayotes in the distance! Plus, your in the park, and super close to great hiking.

  181. My favorite place is Yosemite, waterfalls, nature, redwoods, hiking, rock climbing what more can I say. Check it out if you haven’t you will never forget it.

  182. The North Shore

  183. Jan Mohrmann Jul 31st 2011

    My body can’t take the cold hard ground anymore, so we camp at the motels next to awesome scenic spots…..like Chico Hot Springs, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier Park (our own cabin)! Hey it works! You will get older one day too.

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