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Spenco Total Support Sandals

Post by:  Jake

You’re probably familiar with the Spenco name when it comes to footcare.  They’ve been manufacturing insoles, arch support pieces, custom orthotics, and even blister treatments for decades.  Recently the brand launched a new footwear line called the Total Support Sandals and we got to try a pair!  I tried out a pair of the Fusion sandals while Veronica opted for the Yumi’s (love the name).  My first reaction was that they were your typical inexpensive sandal.  While they are inexpensive ($25) they are anything but typical.  Unlike most other sandals, Spenco built these with footcare in mind.  Arch and heel support is molded into every one of their sandals to reduce pronation and supination common problems with “slab-style” sandals.  Veronica and I have been using these sandals for the past couple months and while they do provide great foot support, my only complaint is that, like most sandals for me, they take a bit of breaking in to be comfortable enough to wear for more than a few hours.  If you’re in need of some new beach kicks, give them a try.  They are WELL worth the upgrade from the flat “slab” sandals.

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