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The Future of Outdoor Apparel — Wool

Post by:  Jake

Most people are familiar with Merino wool hiking socks.  I’ve even seen some Merino wool long underwear and sweaters, but “workout apparel”????  Recently the wool industry has made some huge leaps and has started incorporating Merino wool into all sorts of sporting goods apparel including:  travel clothing, yoga and other workout pieces for warm and cold weather, and even bike shorts.  The natural properties of wool make it an ideal fiber.  Similar to many synthetics, wool stays warm when wet, dries quick, is perfect for hot and cold climates because of its thermoregulation properties, and unlike most synthetics it doesn’t retain odors!  Super fine Merino wool is luxuriously soft and can be worn by most people.  Because wool is a natural fiber it requires less resources to farm, cut, and process than manufacturing it’s synthetic counterpart, and it’s completely renewable.  There’s already a handful of products commercially available using New Zealand Merino wool, but in the near future look for piles of garments created with Australian Merino wool.

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