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Paragliding Adventure!!

Post by:  Jake

Last night, Veronica and I took advantage of a deal on PlanetGear.com and booked two paragliding packages down near Salt Lake.  We’ll be down there for the Outdoor Retailer show in a couple weeks so we thought, “Why Not?”  Jumping off a HUGE cliff with an already open parachute?  Sounds a lot safer than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane thousands of feet off the ground and hoping that your chute was packed properly!  I’m thrilled for the new adventure, while Veronica says she’ll need A LOT of convincing.  Going tandem with an instructor sounds like about all the “convincing” she’ll need as she probably won’t have much choice once the instructor starts running toward the cliff!

Has anyone else ever been Paragliding?  What’s it like?  I’d LOVE to hear anything you have to say about the experience as this will be our first time jumping off anything higher than a small bridge.

PlanetGear.com is a new site, similar to TheClymb,  they offer huge discounts for a short period of time on a very limited amount of stuff, then a few days later the inventory changes up a bit and the sales start again.  Just like TheClymb, they offer a $10 referral credit once your friends makes their first purchase, but in addition to you getting $10, your friend also gets $10 off their first purchase.  Not too bad.  In addition to gear and apparel, PlanetGear often has deals on vacation packages and adventures (like the paragliding thing Veronica and I just signed up for).

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