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Car Camping In Style

Post by:  Jake

Who doesn’t love the luxury of base camping, car camping, family camping, whatever you want to call it?  Lounging around the beach on an anti-gravity lawn chair, enjoying fresh brewed drip coffee in the morning, and sleeping in a cabin sized tent on a super thick air mattresses.  These creature comforts might sound a bit foreign if you haven’t experienced some of the latest innovations in car camping gear.  Drip coffee percolators safely fired by propane, recliners that are more comfortable than your lay-z-boy, and kitchen sinks complete with running water are just a few of the new products available to enhance your camping experience.  The following list is a collage of gear that would make even the most fussy family members enjoy the great outdoors.

The Kitchen – Because the key to happy campers is through their stomach.

Kelty Basecamp Kitchen: The focal point of any modern home is the kitchen.  This setup from Kelty replaces your home kitchen in style.  At a mere 17.75lbs. there’s enough shelves, hooks, counter space, and dodads to hold just about anything you could think of.  At $159.95 the organization and ease of use this setup provides is invaluable.

Coleman Pack-Away Outdoor Picnic Set:  Never worry about camping somewhere that doesn’t have a picnic table again.  The Coleman Pack-Away set is burly enough to seat a family of 4, yet packs away to the size of a large briefcase.  $103.99

Coleman All-in-One Portable Sink: This kit comes with 3 wash tubs and a rechargeable battery powered water reservoir.  That’s right, “powered”.  The reservoir dispenses water with the push of a button making washing your hands or washing dishes a breeze.  $46.99 includes the rechargeable battery.


Coleman 10-Cup Portable Propane Coffeemaker:  Fired by propane, this coffee pot delivers a full pot in 18 minutes.  Works just like your coffee maker at home, only without electricity.  $89.99 and so easy you’ll never go back to campfire cowboy coffee again.

Primus  Brewfire:  Similar to the Coleman propane fired drip coffee maker, at $210 the Brewfire is a bit spendy but it is approved for indoor and outdoor use so it’s perfect for use in your camper, cabin, or on your boat! 


Light My Fire Grandpa’s Fork:  A simple, yet cleaver design.  This fork easily attaches to the end of a stick to hold your marshmallows, hot dogs, or anything else you’d like to roast over the open fire.  At $5 this cleaver product is a no-brainer to enhance your campfire food.

Coleman Quad Lantern: Welcome to the new generation in lanterns.  This thing is awesome and is guaranteed to accompany you on all your car camping trips.  4 detachable light pods clip into a central charging unit to make a somewhat normal lantern.  While the pods are connected they are charging their own internal batteries.  Disconnected, they each become an individual lantern.  At $79.99 it’s a bit spendy, but very cool and very handy.

The Tent

Coleman Insta Tents: If setting up a tent in the dark isn’t your strong suite, this is the tent for you.  The Insta Tents are a no-brainer and setup is simple and can easily be done in under 1-minute.  That’s right, under a minute!  The tent is fully taped and seam sealed so a separate fly isn’t necessary.  At $136.99 the 4-person model fits a queen air mattress!

Kelty Sleep Eazy Air Mattress:  Although not the MOST luxurious air bed I’ve ever slept on, this mattress is super easy to inflate with the included rechargeable air pump.  It’s PVC free and relatively light weight and compact when deflated.  At $119, one of the best features is that it’s super easy to get it back into its storage bag when not in use.


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  1. Jason Bradley Wood Nov 25th 2011

    I have a Brewfire. There is no cooler way to make coffee outside of your house than this. It screams James Bond low tech, but James Bond none the less. It isn’t super fast. It takes 15 min or so to brew, but it brews HOT and makes a good tasting cup (or 8 cups). Did I mention how cool this thing is?

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