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Summer 2011 Outdoor Retailer Show

Post by:  Jake

Well Veronica and I are back from a great week down in Salt Lake City where we attended the Summer Outdoor Retailer sporting goods show.  It’s a bi-annual event that brings over 1,300 exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees.  Product designers, retail store buyers (everyone from the giants like REI to your local specialty shop), and working media all converge at Utah’s biggest indoor venue, the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake City.  Exhibitors of all sizes are excited to showcase their next year’s products in prototype form, and dozens of brand new companies are hoping to catch the eye of a prospective client.  The venue is massive; however this year’s show was still too large for just the convention center.  Outdoor pavilions were setup this year which allowed a couple hundred additional exhibitors.  The event kicks off with an Outdoor Demo day where attendees can experience firsthand all the latest and greatest land and water toys.  As always, the stand up paddle boards were a huge hit!

Our heads are still spinning with all the gear talk that took place over the past few days, but in the coming weeks we’ll work on editing the videos we took and will be posting those as they are ready.  Check out our experience at last winter’s Outdoor Retailer show here.

Some of the highlights of this summer’s show were running into the Mayor of Salt Lake City as I locked up my bike one morning.  I rode to the show and searched and searched for a bike rack, seeing another attendee locking up his bike I asked if there were any racks around or if we were allowed to just lock up our bikes anywhere we pleased?  He stated he was the mayor and said it was unacceptable to not have bike racks down there and that he’d look into it soon.  That just goes to show you, it’s a small world and you may never know the power your comments might have.  Another highlight was running into legendary climber Chris Sharma (he’s got his own Wikipedia page!).  Very cool guy and looked just like he does in all the movies. go figure?  Oh yeah,  and all the new products were pretty cool too!  We’ll get into those later.  For now,  enjoy the quick video I put together as a brief walkthrough of what the Outdoor Retailer show is like in a nutshell… Lots of people, massive amounts of gear, and oh yeah, happy hour starts at 3:30 sharp every day.

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