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Gore-Tex Active Shell

Post by:  Jake

Here’s the first of the video interviews from the Summer Outdoor Retailer show.  I apologize for the lousy audio.  I was filming with a GoPro, in tests the audio turned out fine, but there’s a bit more noise at the OR show.  I added some comments to help explain the key features Andre is talking about.  Basically, the new Gore-Tex Active Shell is SUPER light and SUPER breathable and is made for high energy single day pursuits.  Enjoy, and let me know if you’ve got any questions.

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  1. Luke Johnson Aug 10th 2011

    Sounds really cool! It’s nice to see the gap between the “fast and light” vs. “heavyduty” garments bridged! I can’t wait to test out the Active Shell for myself.

  2. ScottRad Aug 11th 2011

    Nice looking jacket – Arc’teryx puts out some great looking stuff.

    Even though i’m not the type of person this is marketed too (ie, climb a 15,000 foot peak in one day), I’ll still probably end up with one.

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