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We are not adventurers by choice but by fate – Van Gogh

We’re Moving to Colorado!

That’s right,  Veronica and I are starting a new chapter in our lives.  We’re packing up and heading south.  ”Moving south” usually means going to warmer weather,  not the case here.  We’re moving to the top of the world,  Leadville, Colorado at 10,200 feet!  

We’re a little anxious as anyone could imagine, leaving all our friends and family behind and moving to a very small town in the mountains; but we’re also very excited about all the new adventures ahead of us.  New places to explore, new friends to meet, and new memories to make. 

Over the next month and 1/2 we’ll be transitioning south, so new content on the blog may be a little light for a while, but stick with us as this transition will surely breed MANY new and exciting adventures!  If you know someone in Leadville, or have any good stories or memories about a visit,  let us know!

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  1. Congratulations on the move, can’t wait for the updates. Good Luck!

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