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Update and Nuun notice

Well Veronica and I are just about ready to make the move to Colorado.  All the boxes are just about packed, the moving truck is reserved, and the going away party is scheduled.  We even have an accepted offer on our house after 1.5 days on the market!  As soon as we get settled in down in Leadville the content on the blog will pick up again, and believe me, there’s been A LOT going on to write about.

In the mean time, I wanted to give everyone a heads up about a sweet deal that just got posted on The Clymb.  The deal is for $10 off the multi pack of Nuun hydration tablets.  Veronica and I have been using these all year, for running races, training, hikes, bike rides, adventure races, triathlons, ect…    What is Nuun?  ”Active Hydration”  It’s a tablet that you drop into a bottle of water and it dissolves quickly like an Airborn tablet or AlkaSeltzer. It’s got ZERO sugar as opposed to most sports drinks, and they taste great.  They’ve got a fairly mild taste, which is real nice when your working out.   Nuun is packed with electrolytes and potassium so it helps avoid cramping.  It’s also got some key ingredients that help your body absorb the water quicker, very cool when your racing and need to quickly replace your water loss.   Check out their nutrition claims here.  We’ve been using it all year and we love it.  It flat out works exactly like they claim it to.   I’ve never seen this stuff go on sale, so I thought it was important enough to share with everyone that it’s actually on a pretty good sale at The Clymb.  Get some,  You’ll LOVE IT!!!

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