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New Adventures — And FREE STUFF

Post by:  Jake

Thanks again for sticking with us through September while we moved to Colorado.  I’m working hard on setting up a sweet November give-away contest.   Any requests????  Also, I wanted to let everyone in on one of the next big adventures we have planned.

This spring or summer, Veronica and I have been planning for several months now to take a foreign travel adventure.  At first we were thinking about a European bike/train tour, but the more we started reading, the more we started falling in love with the idea of a Bike/Train Tour in Ireland and Scotland.  We’ll spend at least two full weeks traveling by train and bike around as much of the two countries as possible.   Flat tires, rough country roads, and lots and lots of rain will surely be encountered; as will colorful locals, incredible castles, and breathtaking scenery.

We hope you’ll stick with us, and enjoy what is to come.  As always, if you have any adventures you’d like to share, we’d LOVE to have you write a guest post.  Just shoot us an e-mail at OurEverydayAdventures@gmail.com


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