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Gear Review: Bolle’ Sunglasses

Post by:  Jake

A couple months ago we were approached by a representative from Bolle’ sunglasses.  He asked us if we wanted to test out a couple pairs of their new shades.  Although, I’ve worked at sporting goods stores off and on for years, I’ve never had the opportunity to try out a pair of Bolle’ sunglasses.  Having taken them on countless bike rides and backpacking trips this summer, Veronica and I have both been blown away at how well they’ve performed.  The fit is incredible, and the clarity is outstanding.  I chose the Dash sunglasses and Veronica went with the Aero model.  Although the Aero glasses are meant to fit a smaller face/head, either pair seems to fit my medium face/head or Veronica’s smaller face/head very well.  I’ve found no issues with the glasses fitting awkwardly under my bike helmet as with several other glasses I’ve owned.  Veronica occasionally has issues with her eye lashes brushing up against the inside of the lenses, but she’s found that’s been a common issue with all glasses she’s owned.  The dramatic “high-def” like clarity over the super wide field of vision was probably the biggest feature both Veronica and I appreciated.  That featured, combined with the light weight feel, make you forget your even wearing these sunglasses.  If you’re in the market for a high end, high performance pair of sunglasses certainly take a close look at the Bolle’ shades; you won’t be disappointed.  Just make sure you spend a couple extra bucks on a pair of Chums eyeglass retainers to protect your investment.


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