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How to Beat the Crowds

Post by:  Jake

Veronica and I hit the slopes for the first time today.  As we approached Arapahoe Basin ski area, we crested a hill and saw parking lot after parking lot completely jammed full!  Our spirits sank and we almost turned around to drive home; thinking surely we can find something better to do today then just standing in lift lines all day.  We’ve heard that Colorado ski hills are notoriously packed with people (especially the closer to Denver ya get) but this seemed a little insane. I mean, there were only 6 runs and 3 lifts open! That meant, full parking lots + 6 runs & 3 lifts = LONG lift lines.   We went ahead and parked, telling ourselves we just wanted to do a couple runs, and since we had season passes it’s not like we’re wasting money on lift tags…besides, we were already there.

Strapping on our skis, we skated over to the massive lift line and the wait began.  Luckily it was a turbo speed quad lift, so the line didn’t take all that long really, but it was a line none the less as opposed to most of the Montana ski hills we were used to.  Our first run down was great.   A little shaky at first, our muscle memory came right back and by the time we reached the bottom we were skiing like we remembered.  And as we rounded the last corner there it was, the massive lift line again.  Being as we were just two people, I looked around for another couple to jump in line with to fill the quad lift; and that’s when it hit me.  The old trick of splitting up and waiting in the “singles” line used to fill the gaps to keep the lifts full.

We gave eachother a smile and hopped in the singles line.  Within a couple minutes we were sitting on the lift rocketting towards the summit. Run after run after run.  The snow was nice despite being predominately man made; but the best part of the day was realizing we could beat the crowds.  My greatest fear of skiing in Colorado was put at ease.  Even on the busiest days we’ll be able to put down a lot of runs.   It’s going to be a great season!








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  1. Jason Bradley Wood Nov 25th 2011

    We did the same thing! Split up and ski the singles lane. Except we only had 2 lifts running, and one didn’t count (magic carpet). Making tele-turns with a 3 year old on your back for the opening day is rough, but I was so happy to make the opener. Catch you soon?

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