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Buena Vista, CO – A Climbers Dream

Post by:  Jake

Traditionally, rock climbing is a spring through fall sport.  It’s tough to grip the rock when it’s covered in snow and ice, but even if you could find clean rock your hands get so cold they become useless stumps.  At least, that’s been my winter climbing experiences.  Yesterday, a couple new friends and I made the quick 20-mile drive south from Leadville to the sleepy (at least in Winter) community of Buena Vista, Colorado.  What we found was endless rock climbing routes.  As far as the eye could see in every direction, granite spires break up the horizon like skyscrapers in Manhattan.  Tower after tower of clean, hard granite.  A comfortable 30 degrees Fahrenheit in Leadville, Buena Vista was an even more comfortable +40.  Barely a flake of snow was present, while Leadville was blanketed with nearly a foot.  The southerly exposed rock faces were warm and dry.  Several routes later in the day we made our way to the summit of Turtle Rock and sat in awe at what our eyes gazed, literally thousands upon thousands of climbing routes on hundreds of spires; most of which lie within an easy drive and approach with any kind of vehicle.  Best of all, we only saw about 5 people the whole day and only 2 of them were climbing (the other 3 were mountain biking).

When Veronica and I moved to Leadville I was excited about the quick 4-hour drive from Moab as that meant warm weather and mountain biking and climbing during the winter.  Now, after adventuring in Buena Vista for the day, I’m super psyched and just had to share about its awesomeness!  If you’ve got cabin fever this winter, make the trip to BV.


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  1. Buena Vista is one of my favorite places in the world. Did your friend tell you how not to pronounce it like a tourist? “b’you-na” not “bwena”, don’t ask me why. Fishing along the Ark is magic there.

    If you want to climb in 50f weather or more almost all winter, Shelf Rd is a great spot too. It’s near Canyon city. There’s a meet up group that heads there regularly, at least every Sunday. Meet up group is Rock Climbers of Colorado Springs and there’s a couple out of Denver too. You can camp there too, if you don’t want to day trip. Lots of sport routes on decent quality rock.

  2. Yeah, I can’t figure out why they mispronounce it. BV is pretty epic. can’t wait to spend more time there throughout the winter.

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