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Post by:  Jake

The place I work during my day job is hiring for another person in my position.  You could be my co-worker!  The job title is “Assistant Project Manager” and here’s the full job posting and the company’s hiring page.

We’re hiring for the Assistant Project Manager for the Natural Resource Management Department at Colorado Mountain College, in Leadville, CO.  We’re looking for someone with a Master’s in just about any science field.  The actual job is working with interns, taking them out to do environmental field work (of all types) all spring, summer, and fall.  Winter is mainly filled with report writing, but there is an occasional outing to collect Snow Water Equivalency data (Snow shoeing and Backcountry Skiing‼).  And there’s generally plenty of down time to go skiing during the long winters.

This is the job I’ve been doing since September, and so far, I LOVE it.  I really can’t think of a better job to be doing at this stage in my life.  It keeps me active, and working with college students is a blast.  Also, if you have aspirations of becoming a college professor someday, this is an incredible opportunity as you may be able to adjunct teach some courses if you’d like. Sound too good to be true yet?

Leadville is awesome.  Veronica and I have really fallen in love with this place.  Small town feel, but close to EVERYTHING; 1.5 hours to Denver, ½ hour to a dozen world class resorts (Vail, Breck, Keystone, ect…) ½ hour to year-round rock climbing in Buena Vista, 3.5 hours to Moab, UT if you need to warm up.  If you’re not a fan of Winter, this is not your place as winter seems to last forever; but so does the exceptional backcountry skiing on the 14ers that surround town.


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