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Post by:  Jake

Snow here has finally started falling (at least, more regularly) and is starting to accumulate to skiable depths.  In fact, they are calling for snow almost every day this coming week!!!  Last Sunday morning a couple friends and I headed out for our first backcountry ski outing of the season.  We made only one (LONG) run for the day, and the snow conditions weren’t fabulous, but it was a really good time just getting outside, getting a great workout, and enjoying the sun and fresh snow.

Backcountry skiing is an amazing sport.  It’s an incredible strength and aerobic workout with a rewarding finish (skiing down).  After returning home Veronica asked how our day was.  Hearing we only skied one run she said, “You’re kidding? You spent 2-hours climbing just to ski one run? What a waste.”  I explained that Backcountry skiing wasn’t about actually “skiing” it’s about getting outside, hanging out with friends, and getting a great workout; the actual “skiing” was just a bonus.  It’s like snowshoeing, but with a much more rewarding finish.  I’m hooked, and I’m actually considering forgoing the multi-resort season pass next year in lieu of more backcountry days.  One thing’s for sure, I’d be in pretty good shape by the end of a full backcountry season!



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  1. ScottRad Jan 15th 2012

    Yea Jake, backcountry is where its at. Give up those passes (but keep your favorite). When its deep, you go hang with the crazies on the lift.

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