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2012 International Snow Sculpture Championships

Post by:  Jake

Surreal.  The one word I would choose to describe the 2012 International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckinridge this weekend.  Although we didn’t have a chance to see the sculptures taking shape throughout the previous week, we did get to see the masterpieces just moments after the competition ended and judging began on Saturday.  For the past 22-years teams of 5 people from around the world have assembled at Breckinridge’s Riverwalk Center to carve artistic masterpieces out of a solid 20-ton block of snow.   This year, the 15 teams came from 12 different countries: Australia, Canada, Spain, China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Mexico, Switzerland, and the USA (Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, and Wisconsin).

The event happens at the same time each year with a week of construction and a week of viewing.  This year, viewing will continue till Sunday Feb. 5th at 11:00p.m. at which time they will disappear.  If you can make it this year, do!  The sculptures are incredible.  Plenty of cold weather have made the conditions ideal for sculpting, and the teams have really outdone themselves this year!


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