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Detour D2R Handlebar Bike Bag Review

Post by: Jake

A few weeks ago Veronica and I got ahold of one of Detours newest bike bags.  They just launched a new series of bags called the D2R bags, and we got to test out the handlebar bag.  Not too flashy, and stripped of all the unnecessary features that add useless extra weight, the D2R bag line from Detour are all function and are built to last.

For our upcoming bike-tour trip to Ireland this summer I searched high and low for a handlebar bag that could serve multiple functions, carry the necessities in an easy access location, and something that could quickly detach for security reasons while the bike is parked. On top of the lid there is a removable foldover clear plastic map case; an absolute necessity for a bike touring trip through a rainy country you’re not familiar with.  Dual waterbottle holders, a couple slim book pockets inside, and 320 cubic inches of internal storage round out the bags storage features; while a speed disconnect handlebar attachment and a removable shoulder strap make this bag ideal for commuting to work or touring.

This bag will absolutely be our little black box on our upcoming touring trip. It’ll hold our cameras, extra water bottles, our passports, important contact numbers, extra money, and most importantly, our maps.  It’ll come off the bike every time we stop, and the shoulder strap will come out.  We’re not too concerned about someone stealing our stinky clothes located in our panniers, but everything else will be in our Detour D2R handlebar bag.  Whether you bike tour or are a daily commuter, at $65, the functionality of this bag will quickly make it one of the most valuable pieces of luggage on your bike.


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