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Give-Away CONTEST ~ Detours Bike Bags

To help get you geared up this summer, between now and May 15th, we’re conducting another give-away contest!  Detours Bike Bags has generously sent us some of their outstanding new products to give-away to a few lucky people.   To be entered into the random drawing, we’re asking you to do 2 easy things:

1.)  Subscribe (and confirm your address) to our blog by entering your e-mail address in the green box at the top left corner of the page.  You’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail from “Feedburner” with a link to confirm your address.  If you’re already a subscriber, great you’re already 1/2 way there!

2.)  Comment at the bottom of this post (using the “add a comment” link) and share your summer plans with us. Are you traveling internationally? Planning a road trip? Mastering an old skill? Learning a new sport? We’re looking for some inspiration, and what better way then to hear what you’ve got planned!

That’s it,  At 11:59 p.m. on April 15th, the contest closes, we’ll randomly select 3 people using Random.org, we’ll make sure your a subscriber, then we’ll get in touch with the winners!

About the Prizes…

1st Place:  D2R Large Pannier Set. Large, water resistant back pannier set with universally compatible 4-point attachment system. Includes a rain cover.  We’ll be using a similar set this summer on our bike tour of Ireland!

2nd Place:  D2R Handlebar Bag. Awesome, all inclusive, handlebar bag. Perfect for commuting or touring.  We just posted a full review about the bag here.

3rd Place: Slice Top Tube Bag. Sure to become one of your favorite bike accessories. I know it’s our “most used” bike bag. We fell in love with this style of bag last summer, and can hardly go on a ride now without it!

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48 Replies

  1. my summer plans include healing a current injury to my ITB to be able to get back on my bike more regularly and without pain.

  2. No big plans. a little more school and hopefully a lot more riding locally. But nothing too crazy.

    Insanely jealous of your trip to Ireland though. Spent a week over there back in ’06 and loved it. Didn’t do a cycling tour, just the usual touristy stuff.

  3. Christine Apr 14th 2012

    I am so excited for summer! I have huge plans this year.

    For the month of May, I’ll be going on a 35 day wilderness expedition. On this trip, I’ll be spending ten days white water rafting, ten days submitting the Sisters in Oregon, ten days rock climbing, and five days backpacking. It will be an incredible trip!

    Then, through the month of July, I am going on a three week road trip to backpack and rock climb in South Dakota and Utah.

    I am so stoked for this summer. I’ve never traveled this much before in such a short period of time, and I can’t wait for the adventure to begin!

  4. NICK MOSHER Apr 14th 2012


  5. Lawrence Apr 14th 2012

    No big plans yet. Climb Mt Adams with some friends at the end of July. Also looking to head to Guelph and London Ontario (Canada) to visit family sometime this summer. May be a family back packing weekend trip in there somewhere.

  6. Running my first spartan race and hopefully training for triathalon

  7. Planning a Father-Son trip with my 12 year old to take him to the San Juan Islands to do some bike camping.

  8. Spend most of July running in the San Juan Mtns. training for the Wasatch100.

  9. Training and planning a cycling trip across the Northern US from Blaine, Washington to East Lansing, Michigan in mid-June to mid-August.

  10. I am planning to bicycle camp the continental divide route with my 55 lb dog, a rescue, who loves to backpack with me but is now 16 years old. I have been training with him using a baby trailer and have reinvented myself as a mechanic after having built/modified 5 bicycles since august to find the gearing/ perfect fit. Its either going to be on a mid eighties khs montana xt deerhead with biopace rings, or a cheap Raleigh steel framed hybrid using a mix match of random road/mtn parts. All spent on these old steel bikes and parts from craigslist- $150 :-) . I estimate that it will take about 45 days to go from Mexico to Canada with one stop in Taos to tell an old friend that I love her. Before a job loss I was training for a triathlons. Since then triathlons seemed a bit stressful to me and I have been researching how to bicycle around the world. However, I would never leave my dog, which makes the continental divide route the perfect fit.

  11. Julianne Apr 15th 2012

    Tour De Whatcom and the whole 100 miles Century Ride

  12. Karen Kohv Apr 15th 2012


    I am going to travel to my home country Estonia, tour around it with my bicycle, hang out at the beach, work at eco villages, get connected with my home, earth and sky.
    Then I’ll either meditate a whole lot in Sweden or do a Theatre for the Living training in Berlin and hitch there and around , and in the end I have no idea what I will do ,which is scary and exciting :)
    I will surely get sunburned, smile a lot, make smoothies, and have faith in the universe.


  13. We are planning on braving the 14 hours in the car to take our twins on their this long car trek to Oregon for their first birthday. Hopefully they will have enough control and strength to play on some balance bikes. We will some practice at home in their new bike trailer as well so we will be bringing that along for good times. Hopefully we will all be able to make it through the trip. I know that Gma and Gpa are excited, as well as many aunts and uncles.

    Bring it on summer time.

  14. Katie Savastano Apr 15th 2012

    I’m going to travel around the West Coast with my good friend from Germany.
    It will be fantastic !



  15. Bike touring on the San Juan Islands,
    Exploring some of the newest Oregon Scenic Bikeways,
    Day hikes in the Willamette Valley,
    Grillin’ and chillin’ with friends and family.

  16. Klaralee Apr 16th 2012

    We’re learning to row this summer! So far it’s been really fun and no one has fallen in the lake. By August we intend to take first place at the regatta :-)

  17. Summer plans are to get solar charged! Camping is a must and we’ll see if we can’t get that old canoe out of the garage :)

  18. For the first time in my life, I’ve got a bike that actually fits me! This summer, I’ll be learning to commute in Portland and hopefully enjoying some sunny weather.

  19. ChrisB Apr 17th 2012

    I’m planning on camping and hiking in the southern Cascades and Sierra Nevada, enjoying great music at High Sierra Music Fest, travelling to Kauai for some kayaking and beach relaxing, and hiking the Ptarmigan Traverse in the WA Cascades

  20. WendyW Apr 17th 2012

    Besides going to the beach and competing in a few local area tris, we will be participating in either anouther Great Urban Race, the Urban Bike Race, or the Gorilla Challenge. All 3 events are held in cities across the US and are somewhat of a scavenger hunt/geography race…pretty fun. We were 1 of 247 teams to race in Atlanta over the weekend and of those 247 teams, only 94 finished within the time allowed (5 hours). Lots of fun!!

  21. RayRay Apr 17th 2012

    Come on Summer! I’ll be exploring Kauai with a new lover. Camping on the coast and maybe even near some mountain lake. Hiking Mt. St. Helens, and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family. I’m inspired to take a bike & hike or camp trip too. Looking for the right gear and the company to get started. Those panniers sure would come in handy. Cheers to a great summer to you and all your readers.

  22. Cycling, Cycling and more Cycling. I live in western Colorado one of the mountain bike capitals of the world. We have miles of road to burn up too. Can’t wait to see what kind of adventures I’m headed for. I hope you guys have a great trip and can’t wait to read about it!

  23. I’m looking forward to having some vacation time this summer, I plan on doing a weeks tour along the Front Range of Colorado and Wyoming, and a couple of overnight camping trips on a mountain bike.

  24. I’ll be doing my usual lineup of weekend and weeklong rides, including RTR, Ragbrai, and maybe this new peddle the plains thingee. Plus the annual Wyoming ride aroud Saratoga. Awesomw spot for fun….

  25. Turnbo Apr 18th 2012

    This summer is all about lifestyle changes. On August 15th I hit the road on a 4 month climbing trip. Upon my return I will have a few weeks to rest before doing my first cross country tour. I am riding an old Miyata I picked up at a pawn shop and am scrapping parts as they break over the summer with the goal of spending no more than $500 on my rig ($400 left!)
    This summer is about soaking up my life on two wheels. My goal is to have everything I need by the end of summer and not purchase anything for an entire year. I will work a 60 hour job, eat whole foods, shave (occasionally,) and live my normal life out of my panniers & haul bags. I will not wait in traffic, pay rent, get lazy, use air conditioning, or generally “play along”
    This summer is about embracing my lifestyle choices and not fitting my hobbies in between shifts and weekends off. This summer is about inspiring others to take the same efforts with their days. Enjoy the summer everyone!

  26. Andy Rhyne Apr 19th 2012

    Our summer plans are for a week and a half long bike camping trip near San Diego. We are going to be camping on the beach with our 4 year old son using Brompton folding bikes as our only transportation. We are so excited!

  27. Aaron Inouye Apr 19th 2012

    This will be my first summer in the Pacific Northwest – I’m hoping to do a bit of exploring on my bikes (mountain and cyclo-cross), maybe including some three- and four-day tours.

  28. Laura Faubion Apr 19th 2012

    Colorado hiking, biking, bikepacking, camping, tubing, weddings and much, much more!

  29. Working on an old Univega Gran Turismo and commuting to work!

  30. Wallly Apr 21st 2012

    I am leaving on a one week bike trip in So. CA in about three weeks. This will be a warm up for a three week tour on the Cascade-Sierra bike route. That will be in July, then back to work. I will try to work in some overnighters here in No. CA.

    I hope to retire this year, Then???!!!!

    Happy Trails to you.

  31. Have several 3 – 7 day road and mtn bike trips planned this summer. Colorado, Utah, and North Dakota. 1st on starts May 17th.

  32. Tom Burckhardt Apr 24th 2012

    This summer I plan to introduce my 13 year old Son to bike touring. We will be doing a Father-Son trip on the C&O Canal tow path with several other Dads and Sons.
    I was a passionate bike tour dude back in the day, traveling in China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the NorthEast US, but having kids has had me out of the game for years. I’m looking forward to spreading the bug to my Son and having an experience he’ll always remember!

  33. Jordan Townsend Apr 29th 2012

    I’m gonna try my hand at some overnight bike packing trips. I have already done a few long distance road tours, so this seems like a logical next-step.

  34. This summer, I’m building up a new commuter (as mine was just stolen) and towing my baby boy around town in his new trailer. I hope to do a 50 mile ride before the summer’s through.

  35. Its people like you and the Banff film festival who have inspired me to start this bike touring thing. This summer I’m going to start in Moab with a base camp to get my mountain biking fix. Then i hope to ride my mtn bike to Jackson, WY, then eventually through the Great Divide MB to Banff. Seeing as this is my first touring experience Banff might have to wait till next summer.

  36. Andrew May 1st 2012

    Planning my first century ride this summer.

  37. jim kirkpatrick May 1st 2012

    On August 31, 2011, I lost my right leg above the knee due to complications from a blood clot and a resulting infection due to compartmental syndrome.
    As a result my riding is currently limited to my exercise bike, because I spent 7 1/2 months in the VA hospital in Denver fighting the infection, then learning to walk with the aid of crutches. The long layoff resulted in a loss of fitness. I’ve been back at physical exercise for about two months now, but because I don’t yet have a “bicycle” leg, I can’t yet ride a bike. It’s too complicated to go into, but walking legs don’t work very well as bike legs because of the difficulty of attaching the prosthesis to a bike and the starting the momentum of riding. Starting and stopping are almost impossible. The exercise bike works because it is a stable platform and thus the instability of starting and stopping isn’t a problem.
    However, the VA, if convinced of my dedication will likely provide my with a bike leg. So my plans are for getting my stump fit by next summer and then I’ll be back riding.
    I’m 68, and love to ride, so it will only be a matter of time till I’ll be back on the road.

  38. Callvin May 2nd 2012

    I just finished a 6 day tour of Utah Leaving from my hometown of Grand Junction, CO. I rode to Kokopelli trail on a 3 day self supported trip. The next two days I rode on the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands. That 100 mile trail was absolutely beautiful! The next day I did a shout tour through Arches Nattional Park. Moab was a great home base for bike touring in the desert. Get there before it gets to hot!

  39. Stephanie May 3rd 2012

    I plan to race mountain bikes, try my first 50 miler race, and get on as many new mountain bike trails in Utah and surrounding area as possible. I would also like to consistently commute on a daily basis, using the car only for mountain bike trips.

  40. Mr. B May 3rd 2012

    WOW !! Way to stay positive JIM!!!! I have a friend who is very active and had an amputaion. His passion is skiing. It took a while but he is back at age 58. Keep going buddy!!! I feel fortunate to ride daily and will continue my quest to someday open a bike shop. Summer plans are simple …. just ride baby!!!

  41. Bruce May 3rd 2012

    Hey guys,
    Just finished my first touring experience, solo, from Santa Barbara, CA through Death Valley NP to Beatty, NV. Needless to say I learned a lot. Like where NOT to take a “ten ton bicycle” (small underutilized trails in the Los Padres NF for example, thank goodness for area hot springs in which to lick my wounds, after backtracking). As for summer plans, it just wouldn’t be right if one did not jam as much backpacking, fishing and mountain biking as they could betwixt work obligations. Cheers & have a blast.

  42. Garrett May 3rd 2012

    Biking the Colorado Trail on my Pugsly!

  43. I ordered a custom 68cm frame from Slide Away in Taiwan, which should be arriving soon. I’ll be setting it up for light touring, and signing up for a few brevets around the NYC metro area. That D2R handlebar bag would be just right for holding my maps and cue sheets…

  44. This summer holds one epic adventure! I have decided to join 7 guys (I’ll be the only lady) in riding our bikes across the United States. We’re starting in Astoria, OR in June and I’ll finish in Washington D.C. sometime in August. Our goal is to average 75 miles a day, while carrying all of our own gear. I’m very excited for this upcoming journey of a lifetime.

  45. A couple college buddies and I are planning a trip to Glacier National Park! Getting real excited to get out in the middle of nowhere!

  46. Finally going on another bike trip after three years of touring starvation! In two weeks I’ll be rolling around the Rockies and will finally get to climb Mt. Evans. 14,000 feet to glory!

  47. Thank you so much Everyday Adventure for holding this contest and for drawing me to win 2nd place. I was going to buy a handle bar bag and now I won’t have to. I’m stoked on the water bottle holders and the strap that comes out while carrying it. This will be such a useful bag on my upcoming trip across the United States via the Northern Tier. THANK YOU!!!

  48. I am elated to have won 3rd! The Slice Top Tube Bag is just the right size for my phone, keys and a protein bar or two. It’ll be great when I take my son to the San Juan Islands later this summer!!! Thanks again!

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