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2012 GORE-TEX® Trans Rockies Run – It Takes a Village

Post by:  Jake

Stage 5, 23.6 miles, 4,200 feet of elevation gain, one of the most challenging stages of the 6-day Trans Rockies Run.  While a gunshot signals the start of another leg of the race for the runners, to many, that same gunshot signals the start of a turbo charged migration of gear, equipment, and personnel.  While the racers are out jumping over logs, crossing streams and charging up and down mountains; a small army of volunteers is rapidly breaking down camp, the starting/finishing gates, and shuttling everything to a new base camp.  It’s cliché to say this, but it’s true, the volunteers of the Trans Rockies run are the lifeblood of this race.  Without them, the event certainly wouldn’t be possible.

While it would seem challenging to get people to volunteer to tear down then re-setup 200+ tents, hand out water at check stations, and pick up trash accidentally dropped on the trail; it’s actually a tough gig to land if you’re thinking of stepping up as a volunteer.  While a small army is needed to keep the wheels of the race in motion, most of the volunteers commit to returning year after year after year.  While they often don’t get the opportunity to run even a mile of the race, they keep coming back because of the bonds they’ve built over the years with racers and with the other volunteers.  That’s just how the Trans Rockies run is.  The community of racers AND volunteers is so tight, the majority of the competitors AND volunteers that I’ve met are returning race veterans.  In fact, several have been doing this every year of the races 6-year history.  Here’s a quick video from Stage 5 action today, including several shots of the volunteers that keep this ship from sinking!  Thanks Team!!

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