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Season of Change

Post by:  Jake

As fall sets in once again my anxiety for the winter starts to peek through.  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and all the snowy activities that go with it.  But, I know it will be here all too soon, and I’d like to hold onto those longer days with warm weather.  I haven’t biked nearly as much as I’d hoped.  I haven’t hiked quite as far as I’d planned on, and I haven’t just sat on a patch of grass while eating a slice of watermelon quite as many times as I’d like to.  My subconscious knows that when winter sets in here in Leadville, that’s it for the next 7 months or so.

While fall is foreshadowing the change of weather to come, it’s also been a time for change for Veronica and I.  A couple months ago we purchased our second house together.  While we’ve owned the house for a couple months, we just moved in a couple weeks ago as it was being remodeled before that.  Moving into any new home is always an adventure; but this house (built in the 1800’s) brought its own set of challenges and quirkiness.  While there were several small adjustments we needed to make in this new house, we were fortunate to find a house with lots of updates and relatively level floors, something fairly unique in Leadville.

This fall had a little more change in store for us as well.  We’ve decided to finally take the leap and get our first dog together.  It seems like every person we know has a dog, and when meeting strangers they’ve asked what kind of dog we have… Not, “do you have a dog” but “What kind”.  Veronica was happy to simply pick a dog by its picture; however I took the much more scientific approach and took one of those dog quizzes that match our wants in a dog to a breed.  Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is the breed that came up.  Gentle temperament, intelligent, active and energetic, little shedding, good with kids… Seemed like a perfect match!  So, I did a little more research to see if any were at a shelter, or if anyone had a litter.  The only breeder in the state lived a quick ½ hour from us and was expecting a litter within a week of us finding him.  So, we took the plunge, and signed up for one of the pups.  In November we’ll finally be dog owners.  Any advice you might have for a couple novice dog owners would be GREATLY appreciated!


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