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Adventure Races, Triathlons and getting my butt kicked!

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Out of the blue, Veronica and I saw a poster titled “Intro to Triathlon Training Course” at our local gym and without hesitation we signed right up.  I had been interested in “something new” for quite a while and although I knew it would be tough work, I knew I needed to do this.  Over the past few years of career life, I’ve slipped further and further out of shape and after hitting the gym in January for the first time in I can’t remember how long… I knew I needed to get back into shape.  What better way to motivate me to get into shape then a goal.  All my life I’ve been goal driven.  Without a goal I fall into complacency and quickly become bored.  But if I set a goal for myself, I’m focused and absolutely driven to complete it.


So there it was, my name on the signup sheet, a new goal.  I quickly went home, hopped on the computer and started searching for local triathlon races.  It didn’t take long before I started re-thinking my decision… What did I get myself into,  Swim nearly a mile in open water with dozens if not hundreds of other feet kicking me in the face, then hop on a bike (while wet) and pound out a quick 25 miles, and if that doesn’t kill you, get off the bike and run 6 miles!  As it sits now, I’m pretty sure the 6 miles of running alone will kill me.


Well, I haven’t signed up for a triathlon (yet) but I did find something that’s been getting me very excited, an ADVENTURE race!  The minute I found it I knew I was doing it, alone, with a team, didn’t matter–I’m there!  I talked to a few friends about it and quickly found a partner.  My cousin Adam and I will be competing in our first ever Adventure Race and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  We have two months to get into the best shape possible before we take on the GrizzlyMan Adventure Race,  well ok, not the full race,  just the Black Bear Challenge, but hey, give us a break, it’s our first one, and at least we’re getting out there!


Over the next few months I’ll be updating the blog regularly with the intro to Triathlon training.  I’ll post how we’re doing with the Adventure Race training, and (since I’m a huge gear head) I’ll be posting about the gear we’ll be utilizing to get us across the finish line.  Stay tuned and share in our Adventure!


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