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11-Days to go!

Only 11-days till the adventure race! Adam and I finally got together the other day for our second real workout as a team. We’re both still only about 90-95% or so coming off a couple weeks of being sick, but we’re seriously ready to kick the training into high gear. Sunday afternoon we did a run together followed by a nice, fast mountainbike ride. Adam was a bit stronger with the run, while I led the way on the bike. As we will be required to race closely together, it’s importantly that we learn how to keep a good pace, but not wear the other person out too quickly! More details of the race have been trickling out and it appears that our strongest advantage will be the orienteering component of the race. Initially I thought the orienteering component was one leg of the race, but now it’s looking like it will be a component of the entire race. So we will be required to search for checkpoints during the run and during the bike. The race officials have promised to make the checkpoints harder to find, and have promised to add quite a few more for this year. And their last promise came last weekend after their initial site visit. They said pretty much the whole course was covered in snow and unless there was a significant change in the weather over the next couple weeks we could count on LOTS of snow during this year’s race!


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