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You Might be a Backpacker IF:


I Originally posted this to the TrailsEdge.com blog, but thought it was funny enough to post here too!

1. If what’s on your back costs more than your car.
2. If you’ve ever washed your clothes while still wearing them.
3. If you’ve ever passed a pile of fly-covered dung on the trail and the flies leave the dung to follow you.
4. If you own a $75 dress suit and a $1,000 Gore-Tex® suit.
5. If you have more summit pictures than wedding pictures.
6. If a homeless person gives you his change.
7. If you prefer a tree or a bush to modern flushing devises.
8. If you have a hard time walking past a dumpster without checking its contents.
9. If you pick up food in a grocery store and think: Dang, this is heavy and put it back.
10. If you collect single serving packets of ketchup and mustard whenever you’re in a café or gas station.
11. If you’ve ever slept on your Thermarest pad when there’s been a perfectly good bed available.
12. If you grab your headlamp to walk from your bedroom to the bathroom.
13. If the gear in your closet take up more room than your clothes.
14. If dirty talk means deciding who will clean all of the gear.
15. If your dog carries a pack with gear.
16. If your biggest fight/ disagreement with your spouse is a debate over the merits of different types of filtration systems.
17. If your dinner can be prepared with 8 ounces of water, two minutes of prep time, and only requires one utensil.
18. When asked if you want to zip your sleeping bags together, all you can think is, “that’s so thermally inefficient!”
19. If you are more likely to know how many miles you’ve put on footwear than on your car.
20. If a romantic gesture involves an old Nalgene bottle with a row of duct tape and “natural” flowers picked from a field or someone’s yard…

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