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Spring Running Apparel Demystified

Montana running can be unpredictable.  In one given day, the sun will shine, then it will rain and a snow blizzard will pass through.  Then the sun is back out and I start to wonder if the weather is having an identity crisis—“Uh…what season do I want to be today?  Winter, Spring, Summer?”

So when it comes to wanting to run outside, the weather makes it extra difficult to decide what to wear.  I recently had the opportunity to try some Brooks running gear, and needless to say, with the unpredictability off spring weather, Brooks has a great line of apparel to keep you running happy.

Great Picks:

Nightlife Equilibrium Long Sleeve Shirt

This shirt is unbelievably comfortable and very versatile.  Although I was a bit intimidated by the fierce color, it’s become my running shirt of choice when hitting the city streets.  Part of sharing the road is making yourself visible to others.  And although the shirt was designed for night running, it’s great for daytime too.  And for spring running I’ve found the shirt to be comfortable in both cool and warmer weather.  Breathable, moisture-wicking and true to size (athletic fit).

My only complaint is that the some of the reflective detailing (logos/lettering) has started to peel off of the fabric.  Now, the added reflective features are nice, but let’s face it—I’m running in a bright, lime green top!  If you can’t see me, we have other issues.  Certainly not a deal breaker.


Infinity Women’s Beanie

The best part about this hat is that it keeps my ears warm, but doesn’t make me too hot. (I hate headbands…) The fleece band is comfortable and helps wick moisture while the main body is a not-too-heavy stretch polyester/spandex blend.   It’s lightweight and fits nicely in a jacket pocket if I decide I don’t need it along the run. And so far, the reflective detailing has remained intact.  There is even a built in ponytail  door for those who want their hair up—personally, I find it to act as a nice built-in vent!


Glycerin Hybrid Jacket (pictured below)

Unpredictable Montana Weather: Case in point. This picture was taken in late April. With the cool weather and skiff of snow, the Glycerin Hybrid Jacket was perfect.

This is a great spring jacket.  It would definitely be too heavy for warmer days, but on cool, crisp evenings or for brisk walks, it’s great.  The company advertises the jacket for use in 45-65 degree weather.  I personally have found it great for temps down to 35 degrees but probably wouldn’t use it above 55 degrees.  The material is soft and comfortable and the style is semi-fitted with a stretch banded bottom that keeps the jacket from riding up while you run.  The sleeves are longer than usual (which I love) and the cuffs have thumb-holes for added comfort and functionality. There is even a waterproof MP3 interior pocket that is a great bonus.  Overall—great fit, comfortable, must have for those cooler weather days.

(The Brooks Glycerin Diva Jacket the closest thing available online.  Same concepts but an updated, more feminine cut.)

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