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Final Flight Book Review

Post by:  Jake

I just got done reading Final Flight and wanted to share my thoughts.  I love non-fictions, especially ones that deal with mysterious dead bodies found frozen in ice.  The back of the dust jacket reads: “In October 2005, two mountaineers climbing above Mendel Glacier in the High Sierra find the mummified remains of a man in a WW II uniform, entombed in the ice. The “Frozen Airman” discovery creates a media storm which draws author Peter Stekel to investigate and stumble upon the case of a navigation training flight crew missing since 1942. Early attempts at recovery are thwarted due to empty graves, botched records, bad weather, bad luck, and bad timing. Then, in 2007, Stekel himself discovers a second body in the glacier.”
The author, Peter Stekel, does a great job developing the mystery.  His writing style is simple and to the point, yet he does a great job of conjuring up images of alpine glaciers, WW2 plane wreckage, and frozen remains.  The first half of this book is really hard to put down, as you’re on the edge of your chair page after page, trying to figure out who the frozen bodies belonged to?  After the big reveal, I felt a little less motivated to wade through the remainder of the book which talks about the lives of the young men found in the ice.  Though, not necessarily finger nail biting, the remainder of the book does an excellent job portraying these men’s lives, and the lives of so many during the first few years of WW2.  Overall, a great read and very worth $15 for the paperback.

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