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Sea to Summit Gear

Post by:  Jake

Sea to Summit makes some of the nicest and most useful accessories for backpacking/camping or pretty much any kind of adventure. From backcountry trowels to the kitchen sink, there’s not much they don’t make. Recently I got to try out a handful of Sea to Summit gear, and I must say, everything I’ve used rocks.

Although this Australian company has only been around for about 20 years, you’ll certainly find their products lining the shelves of any quality gear or travel shop as their product line has exploded in recent years. Their in-house person let me know that the company is still owned by the people who founded it, and both founders still work in the business, coming up with innovative products like modular travel bags, sleeping bag liners, and dozens of other types of travel accessories like clothes lines and umbrellas. Travel certainly isn’t their only pursuit though, as they make some bomber dry bags, super light weight sleeping bags, and piles of other camping gear.

Our gear test focused on some of the Sea to Summit backpacking products.
The Guide Map Case I used for the adventure race a few weeks ago proved to be invaluable. I chose the size small so I wouldn’t have a giant poster sized case dangling from my neck as I raced, and it was the perfect size. At 12-inches by 8.5-inches it’s perfectly sized to carry a folded map, compass, utm card, pen/pencil, race passport, ect…   Unlike many map cases which are made of PVC, this one is constructed of a high-tech film called Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU for short), which stays flexy down to minus 40 degrees and doesn’t yellow.  Even the Ziploc closure is made of TPU.  I’ll certainly be using this all summer for normal and super-light backpacking trips.

The Kitchen Sink and Trek & Travel Pocket Soap are a fantastic addition to your backcountry kitchen. The unique designed of the sink is engineered so that the weight of the water inside keeps the walls of the sink upright. Brilliant! The Trek & Travel Pocket Soap, at 1/2 an ounce is airport safe and is simply a necessity for light weight travel of any kind. A tiny plastic container dispenses 50 “leaves” of dried biodegradable soap. Very handy, and well worth the $3.95

The collapsible Pocket Trowel is another well engineered product. Built of glass-reinforces nylon, it’s super strong strong, light, and has a small amount of storage in the handle.  Because it collapses down to half its length, it fits easily in any tight space, and will certainly see lots of unglamorous use this summer.

Overall, we were excited to test such great stuff, and we will certainly be adding lots more Sea to Summit equipment to our gear closet.

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