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Julbo Sunglasses

Post by:  Jake

Julbo sunglasses are perhaps some of the best fitting and most functional glasses made.  I’ve long been a fan of Julbo’s super dark lensed glacier glasses, but recently I got to demo a pair of their new Pipeline glasses with photochromic lenses.  In just 28 seconds the lenses can turn from a light category 2 shading to a dark category 4 shading.  Very handy as 1 pair of sunglasses can be used in nearly any type of environment.  I used the pipeline glasses on several training days and for 2 races.  During the adventure race, the weather was super bright and sunny, and while on snow it was absolutely necessary to have the super dark Cat.4 shading.  Using the same glasses, during our recent triathlon, the weather was super overcast and dreary, but glasses were still necessary on at least the 12-mile bike portion of the race.  The light Cat. 2 shading was excellent and didn’t impair my vision at all.  Julbo’s engineering is excellent, and I’ve never tried a pair of their glasses on that didn’t fit very well.  I highly recommend a pair of Julbo glasses, and for something versatile that works in all conditions, go with a pair that has their photochromic “Zebra” lenses.

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