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100 Classic Hikes in Oregon

Post by:  Guest Author John R.

From time to time we like to have friends and local experts contribute their writings and experiences.  This piece is from our friend and local Oregon hiking expert John R.  If you are interested in contributing a guest article please let us know here.

Guest Contributor Background:

John R. has been hiking since he was a little lad.  His parents often took his brother and him to places where they could hike and explore.  Those trips definitely instilled a sense of adventure and let’s-see-what-is-around-the-next-corner.  Growing up in the San Francisco bay area, his favorite trip destination was  Yosemite.  John has lived and hiked in Oregon since 1966 and has actually hiked portions of at least 35 of the trails mentioned in 100 Classic Hikes in Oregon.  John now lives in the Willamette valley some 90 miles south of Portland.  From his house it is 45 miles to the coast and about 70 miles to the Cascades.  He lives right in the shadow of Marys Peak, a 4,027 foot mountain in the coast range which he considers to be his personal backyard adventure area. While John enjoys hiking and summer backpacking, his favorite way to travel is on skis. 

About the book (words by John R.):

My first impression of the second edition of 100 Classic Hikes in Oregon was very good.  Douglas Lorain is a renaissance man.  He is an adventurer, a skilled writer, historian, geologist, botanist, and is storyteller with as sense of humor as well.  The layout of the book is first class, starting with an overview of the trails covered in the book as well as their location in the state and how easy or difficult the trails are.  The descriptions of the trails cover all of the necessary information including driving directions, distance, hiking time, elevation gain, difficulty, and best time of the year to hike.  I especially appreciated the very nice topographic maps and elevation chart for each hike.   He has also included descriptions of special features of the hike, for example, pertinent geological features or specific flora in the area.  Some of his descriptions of the hordes of winged vampires (mosquitos) are hilarious.

This book is suited to all levels of hikers, from beginners to experienced backpackers.  Some hikes are less than two miles while other hikes would take weeks to complete.  His  intimate knowledge of the trails he has included in his pages shows that he has actually a very comprehensive knowledge of the   various hikes throughout the state.  The photos in the book, which he took, are drop dead gorgeous. 

 When I open this book, I feel like I am a kid again going through the toy section of the Sears catalogue, dreaming of the presents I would like for Christmas.  Douglas has me pouring over his book, dreaming of new adventures in Oregon’s backcountry.  I have put together aa short list of the new hikes I want to do.  I know I won’t be able to hike all of the trails in this book, but he has shared the essence of his journeys and through this book, I can experience the magnificent variety and beauty of hiking in Oregon.

 ~John R.

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