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Ryders Eyewear

Post by:  Jake

Ryders (as the name implies) creates sunglasses for bikers.  While a relatively young company, Ryders has developed dozens of models of sunglasses and goggles with the biker in mind as opposed to most sunglass companies simply creating glasses for style.  That’s not to say Ryder’s glasses aren’t stylish, most of their models are simply designed first for function, then style.

Although style is a personal choice, and I’d encourage you to try and find a dealer and try on a few pairs first, the Defcon and the Seeker were my first choice in the Ryders lineup of glasses.  The Defcon’s I tried out had polarized photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to the light conditions, changing from light to dark in a matter of seconds. For me, the fit was pretty good, but is slightly “off” for some reason.  With a bike helmet on, the helmet rim pushes down on the frames ear arms slightly, making the nose piece ride up off my nose a bit.  Only a slight annoyance, but I suppose it could help to bring your bike helmet in with you when you try on sunglasses.   At $89.99 these glasses with photochromic lenses that are also polarized are an excellent value!

The Seeker glasses have polarized lenses and are exceptional at reducing glare.  Ever biked down a wet road when the sun comes out after the rain?  Situations like that and frequent fishing trips is enough to make anyone want a pair of glasses with polarized lenses.  Without a bike helmet these glasses fit well, but with a bike helmet fit was similar to the Deacons’, riding up a bit off my nose.   At $59.99 these glasses are a really good value.

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