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Sandal… but it looks like a shoe?!

Post by:  Veronica

For about a year or so (Remember this is Montana, so we are occasionally behind the times!) I’ve been seeing Sanuk displays in footwear departments – housing a variety of footwear styles all claiming to be “sandals.”  And although, yes there are flip flops on some of the display hooks, many, if not most of the footwear on the display look like shoes.  Something that perhaps I would compare to a Converse or All-Star.  I’ll admit it – I’ve been confused as to why these shoes were claiming to be sandals.  Isn’t that like a chicken claiming to be a duck?  Both similar in nature, but serving very different roles in the ecosystem?   Sounds like philosophical jibberish, I know, but I’ll get to the point. 

 There is, in fact, a functional and philosophical difference between a sandal and a shoe.   Take the name.  Sanuk is the Thai word for “fun.”  And from style to comfort, these sandals live up to their name.  They are fun to look at, fun to wear, and fun to play in.

 Demystifying the “sandal” name-scandal.  Sanuk footwear, be it flip flops or loafers, are technically considered to be a sandal because of the patented construction that allows the user’s feet to bend and flex naturally.  They are lightweight, breathable, and just feel like (for lack of a better term) a sandal!  Unlike the big, heavy, bulky shoes you might be wearing to work everyday, Sanuks are free-spirited, easy-going and relaxing—I feel like I should be in a park playing Frisbee or walking down the beach on the boardwalk when I wear them.

 Jake and I have both had the opportunity to try a pair and our thoughts were so parallel, that I’m going to sum it all up here:  So comfortable, you seriously might consider wearing them everyday (pending your boss allows it…they are a bit on the casual side, but that’s what to love about them!).  That being said, I’m not sure if it’s the sandal construction or just irony, but I swear someone steps on the backs of my feet every time I wear them.  No joke.  And unfortunately, there are a few places on both pairs that look like the footwear material is about to pull out of the sole.  Durability may not be the claim to fame.

 But nonetheless, if you’ve seen the displays and questioned the “it’s not a shoe, it’s a sandal” claim, then we’d encourage you to try a pair out this summer.  Your feet will thank you.

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