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July Contest

In honor of all the nice weather we’re finally getting in Montana, this month’s give-away contest will be for some great gear to keep you cool.  It’s super easy to enter and everyone’s welcome.  To enter, we’re asking you to do 2 things. 1.)  Subscribe to our blog (and confirm) by entering your e-mail address in the little green box at the top left corner of this page.  You’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail (from Feedburner) as soon as you subscribe.  If you’re already a subscriber, great, your 1/2 way there.  2.)  Post a comment at the bottom of this notice telling us where your favorite camping spot is?  That’s it.  Super easy.  Winners will be chosen using Random.org.

And the prizes are:

#1.  A $50 REI gift card.

#2. A pair of Ryders Sunglasses of your choice (we’ll try to accommodate between a few of your choices).

#3. Hydrapak Gel-Bot

This contest ends 11:59 p.m. Mountain time July 31st and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.   And as always, we reserve the right to give more stuff away at random so keep your eyes peeled.


PureBot from Hydropak

Post by:  Jake

Beyond “BPA Free” the PureBot water bottle from Hydrapak is the world’s first certified EA-free plastic water bottle.  What is EA? Estrogenic Activity.  Nearly all plastics manufactured release chemicals that have estrogenic activity.  While Estrogen is a natural hormone, chemicals that mimic or block the actions of the natural hormone have been shown to cause significant health problems.  EA occurs when chemicals leach from plastics into water and food that we then consume.  Young children are particularly sensitive to chemicals having EA.

Health related problems associated with ingesting chemicals exhibiting EA include:

  • Early puberty in females
  • Reduced sperm counts in males
  • Altered functions of reproductive organs
  • Obesity
  • Altered rates of growth
  • Altered behaviors
  • Increased rates of some breast, ovarian, testicular and prostate cancers

BPA Free is not EA-free.  People should not be confused with labels that claim to be BPA-free.  BPA is just one of several hundred chemicals exhibiting EA that are used in the manufacturing of plastics.  Only products labeled as certified EA-free are found to be free of all chemicals having EA.  Check out www.plastipure.com for more info about Estrogenic Activity.

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