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Climb for Water – Kilimanjaro 2011

Did you know, nearly a Billion people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water?  Clean drinking water organizations and causes have been growing rapidly over the past few years as people become educated about conditions in the developing world.  Perhaps it’s because it’s been in the forefront of my mind during that time, but it seems like I can hardly blink before discovering another organization promoting clean drinking water.  Like all charities, I look hard at these organizations, making sure their hearts are in the right place.  One of the highest caliber organizations I’ve discovered has been Water for People.  If you don’t know about Water for People, go check out their page.

The Climb for Water team has committed to raising $1 for Water for People for every foot they climb on their Kilimanjaro expedition this August.  Raising nearly $20,000 will be enough to give hundreds of people clean water for many years through the use of water filtration, well drilling and rain capture devices.  The life changing effects clean water will bring are incalculable.

Check out the Water for People organization, and please visit the Climb for Water team’s web-site to make a secure donation of any amount.  Having fundraised several thousands of dollars for worthy causes, I know firsthand that every $1 makes a huge difference, and everyone can afford at least a $5 donation.  For more team info and regular updates visit their Facebook page here.

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Three Cups of Tea

Post By: Jake

Several months back I started hearing about everyone’s new favorite book Three Cups of Tea

Well, I finally ran out of books that I already owned that were on my list, so I purchased a copy of Three Cups of Tea because of so many people’s recommendation. WOW, I just finished it and it was amazing! After the first chapter I couldn’t put it down and finished the book over the course of 2 days (very fast reading for me. I generally take several months to finish a book). Greg Mortenson’s story is incredible. This book should be required reading in school (and actually, I hear it is starting to become so in some places!). If you haven’t read it yet, do. If you buy a copy of the book, do it at the official website and some of the proceeds will go to the school building non-profit “Central Asia Institute“.

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