Hello and welcome to Our Everyday Adventures! I’m Jen, chronic bookworm, ocean lover and home educating mama of two living in Nottingham, UK (about as far from the ocean as you can get in England!). Our family includes husband/dad Ben , Aeryn (age 4) and Zephyr (age 2). And me!

An everyday adventure to Center Parcs for Aeryn's very cold January birthday!

Our Everyday Adventures started as a blog to keep track of our lives and what we get up, including travelling, the day to day and home educating. We knew we would home educate from the moment we knew we were going to be parents. There are a multitude of reasons for this but mainly, we want to help Aeryn and Zephyr take the lead in their education and foster a lifelong love of learning outside of a classroom environment.

Life and learning do not have to be separate things!

I feel inspired by an education filled with lots of outdoor time, loads of interesting, exciting books and plenty of space and time to find passions and explore them. I draw ideas and inspiration from lots of different home educating schools of thought, from Unschooling to Classical. Our approach is constantly evolving and I definitely don’t have all of the answers (if such a thing even exists!)

We plan to travel in the hopefully-not-too-distant future and will take our little home school on the road when we do! But for now, our everyday adventures are mostly UK based.

You may occasionally find affliate links or similar things on this blog. This is my way of funding the blog itself and financing more adventures every day (we’re saving up for a campervan)! If you choose to use an affiliate link, it will cost you nothing extra and we make a small commission. I will never promote something I don’t genuinely like, use or think fits with my personal ethos.

I hope you enjoy exploring our corner of the internet! Thank you for stopping by!